Alitalia Offer for Amazing Destinations

Alitalia is offering astounding fares to three amazing destinations Amman, Beirut and Tehran. Jordan’s capital Amman shrine of history and it is assumed that first human settlement took place in a town named Jericho, however a contemporary city represents rich cultured monuments, you will find people mill around fruit and local kebab stalls.

It has carnival at its street and crowded towns people of this part of land are well educated and civilized and on other hand it is also possible to take a flight with Alitalia airline to Beirut which is a garden city and owns best vegetables and fruits in world. It has extremely light and well decorated architecture, suffocation is swept away by refreshing breeze at bank of sea and don’t forget to visit sea side promenade known as Avenue de Paris.

Hercules Temple Amman

Third and last destination covered by Alitalia is Iran’s capital Tehran, you can find out variety of resorts in Tehran with few minutes’ drive from Airport and taste tea in traditional setting. Tehran’s cultural environment is enriched with Iranian Arts and Museum souvenir of its old history.

Alitalia has made it possible for you to travel with most affordable prices; cheap flights to Amman are starting from £89, Beirut from £99 and Tehran from £189. These fares are valid for sales from 26th Jul – 20th Aug 2011 and flights are starting under these fares from 1st Sep – 30th Nov 2011. Your maximum stay can last for 1 month only and it is necessary to stay 1 Saturday night in all above given destinations.

Reserve your segment today and get excited fares with Alitalia.

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