Madinah and Jeddah Focal Point

As Madinah & Jeddah maintain prestigious value for being hub for Muslim countries and greet visitors for Umrah and Hajj, so Emirates also gives exalting offer to its consumers with luxury and soothing flights for a noble cause. The two vibrant cities own loads of holy places where Muslims gain knowledge of religious views and learn the way how life needs to be lived. Emirates is a Dubai based carrier arranging number of flights to give you opportunity to play a part in these enduring festivities after completing course of worship.

Madinah Mosque

View Of Mosque In Madinah

These fares with Emirates will be valid until 30th Jun 2012 and travel should start from 20th Jul – 30th Jun 2012. Cheap flights to Madinah & Jeddah are starting from £619; fares will be applicable for departures from London, Manchester, Birmingham, New Castle and Glasgow airports. If you are traveling on weekend day’s i.e. Fri/Sat then the airline will charge you complimentary weekend surcharge of £35 and attractive update for passengers willing to stay in Dubai for a short time can now take their stopover free of cost.

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