Royal Jordanian Special Basra Airfares

Basra Palace

Basra Palace Iraq

This winter pay a visit to the most adjoin city in the world at stunning airfare offers. Most of you would be hesitating while thinking about travelling to Iraq but innumerable tourist from all across the world pay off their visit to Basra because of the gorgeous beaches, bustling neighborhood, vivacious landscapes and much more. The remarkable airline, Royal Jordanian recently introduces another enchanting sale offer to provide passenger to avail a perfect holiday package.

The airfares on this exclusive sale offer by Royal Jordanian start from as low as £400 (exclusive of taxes) from outbound journey commencing from London Heathrow. The airline doesn’t allow any kind of discounts on children airfares. So buckle up yourself to experience an unforgettable trip within your budget with the renowned airline which will defiantly come up at your expectations.

The selling period on these promotional release airfares will begin from 26th October, 2011 until 30th November, 2011 when cheap flights to Basra can be booked. Passengers can avail travel from now onwards 16th December, 2011 and 26th December, 2011 -31st March, 2012.It is noted that all flights will route via carrier home town in Amman. The facility of date changes can be made before and after departure in any direction by paying a nominal charge of only £50. However, in case of no show or cancellation less than 18 hours prior to departure, a fee of £130 will be implemented per passenger by the airline. Furthermore, handsome baggage allowance of 30KG per adult can be driven by on this lavish offer.

Get ready to spend your next holiday at the twinkling Iraq that is known in the world for its beauty. For bookings and in order to get more information on this hot sale offer, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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