Uzbekistan Airways Indian Sub Continent and Far East Airfares

Uzbekistan Airways gives you opportunity to get benefit of its cheapest fares to several destinations in India, Pakistan and Far East. Stunning white sand beaches, experience natural waterfalls and rainforest, thrilling adventure of shopping at river banks, inspire passengers to travel to Bangkok and Malaysia.

On other hand more than centuries old history and monuments of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh cultures, explore various believes and customs, fusion of old and modern life, hospitality of Indian Sub Continent also admire you to visit this piece of land.

These fares are effective immediately and will applicable until further notice, and travel season have been defined from now onwards up to 31st Dec 2012.

You can get 5 % discount on flights to Bangkok, Amritsar, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Lahore with Uzbekistan Airways. You can have stopover at connecting point in Tashkent, however airline will charge £35 each stop.

Book your flight with us and save more to extend your stay.

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