Thai Airways Retrofit Project

The president of Thai Airways Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand announced that Thai Airways is executing an ongoing project to adopt new technology in to number of aircrafts to improve efficiency and customize in-flight services according to passengers’ demand.

Thai Airways is aiming to fulfill high customer satisfaction; this project contains a plan to upgrade entire seats in every cabin, complete with installation of personal display and new in-flight Audio/Video entertainment system. Flight connectivity will be enhanced by providing freedom of staying connected to the world while traveling on-board.

Thai Airways New Boeing 747-400 Aircraft

Thai Airways has also a unique idea to install complimentary kitchenware, such as microwave, gallery air chiller to keep food freshness, coffee espresso machine, including induction heat unit to serve meal as it is prepared in kitchen a moments ago. Thai Airways will upgrade 12 Boeings 747-400 aircrafts, will be operational from 1st Dec 2011 with fully equipped with upgraded seats, along with a personal telephone system enabling passengers to call to ground networks, even seat to seat calls option will be available.

  • New interactive menu
  • 100 movies
  • 150 TV shows and documentaries
  • 500 music albums
  • 17 music channels

All that is not dream anymore book your flights to Bangkok with Thai Airways and enjoy brand new pleasant flights.


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