A Gateway to An Undiscovered Island; The Datai, Langkawi

The Datai Resort Pool area Langkawi

Absorb in the beauty of an undiscovered marvel of Malaysia, the Datai hotel which is a luxury resort located directly on the Langkawi Island. Experience a tranquil access to the exclusive beachside of this stunning Island. Have a walk on the soft sandy beaches overlooking to the peaceful Andaman Sea. Explore the beauty of rich thick greens in the surroundings. Neither word nor can photograph define the breathtaking scenery around the Datai. It is an experience one is meant to taste himself.

The hotel’s interior maintains tradition and culture in its exquisite décor. It captures the essence of the Malaysian folklore and blends it with contemporary design. The entrance of the hotel is grand. As you enter the hotel you can’t help admiring the magnanimous gold horse sculptures that greet you and lead into a deluxe interior. Then when your stare sweeps across the sparkling pools of the hotel admiration is enhanced even more. Regular cheap flights to Langkawi are available around the year.

The hotel rooms are a luxury to live in. The big glass windows overlook to the thick trees of the tropical forest. The wooden floors add elegance to the setting. The shades of browns and whites are merged together to create an aura of tranquility comfort and peace in the guestrooms. The deluxe suits have Royal couches in shades of dark blues and golden placed inside them. The suits too are carpeted with wooden floors. Here big glass windows offer breathtaking views of the sandy beaches of Langkawi. Service of the top kind is made available here to the feasting guests. Guests can chose to stay in the ocean suits, pavilion suits or guestrooms with the exclusive pool.

The hotel boasts a fine spa and fitness club. Datai spa at the hotel offers harmony beyond measure. It is a secluded heaven which pampers the body. The extensive spa features variety of skin treatments. The only purpose of the spa caretakers is to ensure physical as well as psychological peace of the guests. Guests can forget their qualms and sink into warm absorbing baths, hot saunas and soft massages.

Traditional therapies are available at the spa for the mind relaxation. The beautiful pools at the spa invite one to soak into them and spend his peaceful moments of meditation here. Diverse spa packages are available which offer facials, relaxing messages, stone messages, full body messages and oil messages at the back and the waist area. Thus the spa at The Datai is really a relaxing experience for the guests. Couples can enjoy spa sessions here.

A fully equipped business centre which has high tech audio video facilities and free internet access is located inside the hotel. The hotel also boasts a boardroom which can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Guests can have a delightful dining experience at the hotel`s beach house where dinner is served on the beachside .In the evenings guests can sit and have cocktails at the lobby lounge of the hotel.

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