A Home away from Home – Guangzhou

If you’re planning on vacationing in the East this holiday season then we at Travel House UK have the perfect cheap holiday package for you. This place is not only overflowing with ancient architecture and some of the tallest skyscrapers. This is none other than the most talked about destination this holiday season: Guangzhou. Book your as soon as possible and get on the next flight out to enjoy the lush greenery in the numerous parks and take on a thrilling ride on exciting roller-coasters. This is your chance to experience the ultimate Chinese vacation by booking one of the cheapest tickets to China. What are the things that you should look forward to in Guangzhou? Here are some of the top favorite attractions.

Bao Mo Park

Step on to one of the most visited park in Guangzhou and be prepared to be amazed at the Lingnan architecture, beautiful trees, vibrant flowers and a magnificent waterfall. Take a stroll in the park with your loved one and this is the perfect break from the heat as you are surrounded by the shade of the trees.

Bao Mo Park Guangzhou China

This is the perfect place for you to kick back and just revel in the beauty that surrounds you as stepping onto this park would lead you to enter the simple life. Enjoy the marvelous carvings while your kids enjoy the many rides that are available at the park as well. Spend a nice afternoon by taking along with you a picnic basket and spend some quality time with nature and the most magnificent carvings.

Take on a Cruise along the Pearl River

The Pearl River which flows through the heart of the city has planned the most intimate and romantic setting for you to pop the question. This is the perfect setting as not only would you be at a romantic cruise overlooking one of the most beautiful cities but also the fireworks would just be the cherry on top. This is where the magic happens so do not forget to book a cruise along the Pearl River and make some of the most unforgettable memories.

See how the city lights up at night with the exclusive night cruise and one is also able to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the whole city and witness the many historical sites and revel at the awe-inspiring architecture that glows at night. In addition to the unforgettable sceneries and experience at the cruise ship, one is also able to dine and enjoy some of the most scrumptious and delicious delicacies of China. Rekindle the love by taking your loved one on a cruise she or he will never forget.

Canton Tower Guangzhou Nightview

The Canton Tower

Out of the many auspicious and breathtakingly marvelous skyscrapers, the canton tower is a must see. Although it is hard to miss once in the city however the close one gets to this graceful building the more beautiful it is. It stands erect in the center of the Pearl River landscape and is known to be one of the most visited places in Guangzhou. This tower, which is also named “the Supermodel”, is a delicate, unique and awe-inspiring design.

At first the skyscraper lures individuals by its delightful and hypnotizing exterior however the interior is just as fascinating and mesmerizing or maybe even more. Visit the world’s tallest TV tower by booking your and witness one of the brilliant works of architecture.

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