A Romantic Holiday at Banyan Tree Bintan, Singapore

Banyan Tree Bintan Pool Villa Singapore

Overlooking the absorbing sweep of the sea waves, Banyan Tree is a romantic Eden on earth which offers seclusion and privacy from the world around.This five star luxurious resort is located only 45 minutes from Singapore in Bintan. The breathtaking villa resort is a blend of natural beauty coupled with high class luxury. The luxury of exclusive sparkling pools, white sandy beaches, lush green golf courses and a soul relaxing Banyan Tree Spa surpasses the boundaries of bodily relaxation and penetrates within to comfort one’s soul.

The sound that spreads in the air as the sea waves gently hit the pearly beach can be compared to a peaceful melody, a kind of melody that feels like the music from the heavens.

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So get ready to experience this tropical Eden where tranquility of the soul will be given the first preference. Sink your feet in the soft sands of the exclusive pearly beaches and drown in the sights of the breathtaking China Sea! Relax your body and soul at the Banyan Tree Spa. All this shall be a heavenly experience.Regular  are available around the year.

Banyan tree Bin tan is basically an exotic luxury resort located on the waterfront. 55 villas out of which 17 have their own private pools are ready to sweep the guests off their feet .The guests can enjoy their romantic stay in the poolside villa, rock side villa and villa on the bayfront. All of these ensure a luxury of highest kind and views of a breathtaking kind .A stay in each villa shall feel like love a kind of love that you never experienced before. Your stay shall be made unforgettable in the romantic villas which are carpeted with fine wooden shades that have been balanced harmoniously with shades of whites. At each villa, sparkling glass windows slide away to open into a light shaded marbled terrace. The terrace overlooks to the beautiful Bay.

The hotel`s acclaimed spa shall be a memory that you would never forget. You can enjoy a relaxing message by the sea shore on the sandy beach with sounds of traditional music making their way into your ears. Trained massager hands will gently rub your tired body to take away all the worries. The heavenly spa is ready to pamper your face with skin treatments, cleansing and skin clearing facials. The views of the beautiful blue sea waves while the trained therapist’s hands move across your back up to the neck shall be a luxury beyond compare.

Honeymooners can drown into streams of romance at the resort`s rock side pool shadowed under the thick trees where hotel`s treats are served. They can watch the sun rays making their way through the tree branches and reflecting on the pool making it sparkle. They can spend their private moments of meditation by taking a walk on the curtained wooden walkway surrounded by splendid waters of the South China Sea.

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