Alluring Cheung Chau Bun Festival

This famous Chinese event allows you not only to discover the alluring Hong Kong sights and sounds in an unrivalled manner but it has also become a famous activity for many well healed tourists and travelers from across the globe. If you are traveling to Hong Kong or China for that matter with the family, friends or even alone, the Chenug Chau Bun Festival is the one to be on the lookout for. The carnival is celebrated with a lot of religious and cultural fervor and zeal where you would see people dancing and rejoicing to the tune of the music. The beautiful ambience is instantly heart warming and here you would come across people from all sorts of cultural and religious backgrounds providing you with a list of some great opportunities so get your cheap flights to Hong Kong today.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

 Whilst the event is in full swing usually between April and May, the entire island goes completely vegetarian. This odd but unique festivity takes place all across the board where you even witness McDonalds taking off meat and chicken off their menu and going completely vegetarian. Even many of the local sea food and other fast food chains adhere strictly to this tradition so book your cheap flights at TravelHouseUK.

Parade in the air / Parade of floats:

Here at the Chenug Chau Bun Festival the scene is completely legendary where you would see dances, drinks and food galore here there is also a great collection of some fine dragon dances and lion dances which provide you with some great stretch of entertainment. This scene is completely electrifying, and if you have children in the tug then it becomes all the more fun. Here you would see the local children dressed as local heroes who balance themselves carefully on the tips of swords and paper fans. The locals highly encourage their children to take part in the festivity there is and consider it a great privilege for themselves and their children to take part in it.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival - Dragon Dances

 The procession which takes place also provides consideration to the local music lovers where the blaring sound of the bedlam of musicians which move along the procession keep beating drums in an attempt to disperse the evil spirits. The bun-snatching ritual has been the limelight of the rituals which take place here but have seen some fingers being pointed after a collapse of the tower in 1978. However, the bun-snatching has returned back with a bang where many still consider it an integral part of the culture here. Apart from the breathtaking sights and sounds which you get to come across during the Chenug Chau Bun Festival here you also come to revisit some great deeply entrenched Hong Kong culture which is a feast for the travelers who wish to explore the cultural aspect of the places they travel so get your bargain airfare deals now.

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