Amaze yourself by Witnessing Culture and Tradition in Tokyo

As you take your cheap flights from UK to Tokyo, you will find yourself amidst a totally different and new world. The culture, architecture, topography, climate and people; everything will be totally new. This is going to be the best aspect of planning a holiday in Tokyo with your loved ones as you will learn and discover something new every day in this fantastic city. A strong change from your routine life will refresh you inside out and you will love living a life on your amazing holiday which will be different from that of yours. Tokyo is rich in countless tourist attractions and vibrant culture. Every member of your family will find activities according to his taste in this Japanese capital. Let us guide you through some of the top attractions in the Tokyo city.

Tokyo Tower Japan Nightview

Tokyo City View

As you take your , one of the best places to have a sky view of Tokyo is Tokyo Tower. Here you need to buy tickets to reach the sky deck. The place is beyond stunning at night as entire of Tokyo is lit to life with lights. You can use your DSLRs to capture amazing photographs of the city.

Meiji Jingo Shrine Tokyo Exterior view

Meiji Jingo

This beautiful shrine has two grand gates for entrance. The shrine was made to honor the emperor and empress Meiji. The place is flooded with tourists who come there to see this historical shrine. There are many restaurants and bars nearby from where you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisines after you have visited the Meiji Jingo.

Nezu Museum Tokyo Inside view

Nezu Museum

This airy museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Tokyo. The place is surrounded with vast gardens with stunning ponds and bales. You can find some of the best displays of Japanese screen art in the galleries. Along with screen art you will be able to see the beautiful bronze work vases and ornaments put on display. The gardens are adorned with beautiful stone statues and winding paths where you can walk as you absorb the intricate details of this place.

Sensoji Temple Tokyo Nightview

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is a very popular tourist destination and is always crowded with tourists so if you want a detailed look at the mesmerizing architecture of this place then go there early in the morning. You will approach the temple through small streets lined with shops selling souvenirs and local goods. You can buy handmade souvenirs from there for your loved ones back home. In the temple you can see wedding ceremonies and worships. You will love the unique architectural design of the place with intricate wood works.

Tokyo is rich in amazing places that you can see during your vacation. The entire life style of the place will be a very exciting experience. You will love the architectural designs and colors in the buildings. With all of these, the food in Tokyo sees no parallel. Not only is the food delicious but also is relatively cheap. So to enjoy a wonderful holiday in this splendid city, book your now and fly to Tokyo.

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