Amazing things to do in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is well aware of emigration, revolution and colonization and is one of the best-loved destinations of this world that is well equipped with a large variety of fascinations and attractions. It is one of those mind-blowing and jaw dropping cites of Asia that rubs shoulders with London and New York, and every passing day, it is inspiring the world. It’s the shinning gem of this world that dazzles in the gem of earth and draw the attention of multitudes of all those people who take cheap flights to Peoples Republic of China. The list of must-do activities is although very long but some of the most interesting ones are described as below;

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

The panoramic and breath-taking view from the beautiful and picturesque Victoria Peak can easily encapsulate Hong Kong. It offers you the most amazing and astonishing views of some of the finest harbors on Earth. The skyline is so lofty, audacious and improbable that even the Manhattan’s looks provincial by comparison. The complete energy of the city is dramatically reaffirmed by the view from this marvelous and spectacular peak. The Peak Tram can easily take you to the summit of the peak- the history dates back to more than 120-years. The best time to come here is a half-hour before sundown.

Lin Heung Tea House Hong Kong Exterior view

Lin Heung Tea House

The Lin Heung (“Fragrant Lotus”) Tea House is the worth-visiting spot of Hong Kong that belongs to 1962. The major highlights are the ancient wall clock keeps time, ceiling fans and shabby seats at shared tables. If you have ever desired for dim sum, than this Tea House is the right destination for all of you. This popular attraction makes no concessions to modernity and is very famous for being the decades-old parlor in Hong Kong that tempts large variety of people from all the parts of the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to accompany a Cantonese-speaking friend as the natives of Tea House don’t know any English. This place offers you a tasty and unmediated slice of Old Hong Kong. The cultural and culinary authenticity is potently concentrated here.

Charter a Junk

Hong Kong is the sprawling archipelago of 260 islands, and if you have never buffeted by the salty sea wind and have never seen the deserted coves and the rugged coastlines, then you have really not seen this magical and appealing city of the world. Don’t miss the chance to hire a “junk” (this tern is actually used for traditional Chinese fishing boats), load the cool box of wine, beer and the picnic pack and just set off through the scattered islets. It will really offer you the most memorable and amusing experience of the life.

Charter a Junk Hong Kong

The Intercontinental’s Infinity Pools

No one can miss the chance to soak at the Intercontinental on Kowloon-it’s not a cheap proposition. You can never imagine, what you will get in return, three infinity pools maintained at different temperatures, hot, warm and cold, third-floor spa deck and the impeccably landscaped area that can easily capture the attention of thousands of people. The front-row view of the Hong Kong skyline is just breath-taking.

Cha Chan Teng

To match their swelling pocketbooks, the people of Hong Kong have demanded increasingly sophisticated dining options in the recent years. Although the city is well equipped with plenty of eateries and restaurants nut the name of Cha Chan Teng always comes on the top and its catches the eye of all those travelers who take .

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