Doha has all What you have Heard only in Stories, till now!

Desert, weird creatures, sand dunes, chilly winds at nights and all that you have heard or read in traditional as well as mysterious desert stories, is what the city put soul into. If you want to experience this adventures life, then Doha is the place for you.

In spite of the modern outlook and trendy looking buildings Doha is soaked in convention. In short it is a beautiful combination of modern and cultural makes and is a must visit dream city. With cheap airfares for Doha becoming an easy purchase now a day, Visiting Doha becomes a reality for even those with a low lined budget.

Corniche Bay Doha


Qatar Museum of Islamic Art:

The cultural hub of Doha, this breathtaking museum posse’s one of the world’s inclusive collection of Islamic art relics with pieces from Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Spain and Central Asia.It is situated at Doha Chroniche Bay.

Qatar Museum of Islamic art glass cases an important collection of Islamic mementos, objects and its enduring gallery includes ceramics, textiles, scripts and international exhibition. Launched in 2008 by the Amir of Qatar this museum has a very sophisticated educational wing with research library, variety of restaurants, gift shops and auditoriums. It’s a worth seeing museum with a vast collection of Islamic history and true culture and this is one of the most visited attraction in Qatar even by non-Muslims tourist. Explore this entire Islamic heritage with cheap flights to Doha IMMEDIATELY!

Doha Zoo:

Doha zoo is also known as a mini animal kingdom with a huge amount of traditional zoo animals, wide range of reptiles, colorful birds and more interestingly, region’s desert creatures. It also features an amusement park for kids. Learning programs and exciting family events.

Singing Sand Dunes:

This is the most wondering and charming attraction Doha has to offer. Singing Sand Dunes are one out of the 30 sites where sound is produced naturally this is a very rare natural fact , these dunes are originally curved in a way that they make a desert amphitheater and fabricate and generates a wonderful musical effect. This sound was discovered 1500 years ago for many years Qataris related these sounds to Jinns Demons. The Singing Dunes are a majestic tourist lure not at all to be missed. Experience this thrilling attraction and enjoy a business class flights to Doha right away.

Doha Corniche:

Doha Corniche is a beautiful site which is loved for its green cool area. It is full of stunning flowers, dazzling sunset, date trees and glittering lights imitated on tranquil waters. This picturesque area is the spot for relaxing and gawking on the vibrant yet soothing colors of Doha bays and seeing a beautiful site of restaurants, cafés, parks and museums and also has a lot of activities for kids. This is considered to be the most beautiful destination of the Middle East.

Desert Safari Doha

Desert Safari:

When we think about a desert area the first attraction that clicks in our mind is the desert safari, this could be an extraordinary way to run through your day. Travelling through sand one experiences many adventures sites which you always have heard in mysterious desert stories, hearing the sound of shifting sands, bumpy yet smooth ride in an air condition vehicles with security equipments to gear you through a safe and electrifying tour to this Aladdin’s world.


Shopping is the best attraction for everyone in Doha. Excited shoppers can get whatever they wish for here. Doha has variety of shopping areas from worlds best of the best shopping complex to small tiny markets. Doha’s shopping center is biggest Shopping center in the Middle East. In the market items do not have price tags on them, which is a very inquisitive feature of shopping in Doha.

So pack your bags and get ready to visit this amazing city with our cheap tickets to the city of sand and adventures.

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