Dubai Safari will Bewitch you with the Beauty of Expansive Deserts

Dubai is a second home for everyone. This amazing destination allows you to enjoy all colors of the world in one city. From skiing to safari, Dubai has everything on its offer. As you take your cheap flights to Dubai, your trip will totally be incomplete if you miss the amazing desert safari experience in Dubai. The fabulous desert safari will bewitch you with its thrill and wonder. There is nothing like bashing the sand dunes and discovering the vast and expansive deserts of Dubai. Dubai safari comes in many packages to allow you to avail one of your choices. Let us introduce the various packages and offers that you can avail to enjoy this mesmerizing experience.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari starts at 9 am and ends at 11 am. As you take your , you will thoroughly love the morning desert safari as it will be something completely different from what you regularly experience. The desert sand will glow all golden as you ride through the dunes bashing then in the morning in your jeeps. Dune bashing is amazing activity and later you can sand ski too. Camel ride and quad biking facility is also provided in the morning safari. Availing morning safari will be a wonderful experience and you will thoroughly love it.

Dubai Desert Safari Jeeps UAE

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari brings with it a new charm altogether. This detailed safari experience starts at 4 pm and goes till 10 pm. You will start your safari with dune bashing. Afterwards you can enjoy sand skiing and quad biking. At the sunset you can enjoy the gorgeous desert sunset and photograph the shades of oranges and pale blues all over the sky. You will love the entire experience and its aura. After all this intriguing activities you can savor on the delicious bar be cue along with wonderful display of belly dancing by professional dancers. The entire experience is phenomenal and a must try.

Dubai Safari Dinner UAE

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari is the most detailed safari experiences. The safari starts at 4 pm one day and ends at 9 am the other day. You start with the wonderful and detailed dune bashing. Afterwards you can enjoy quad biking and sand skiing. After photographing the wonderful sunset you can enjoy the delicious buffet dinner with a vast variety of Arabic food. Belly dancing is also performed during the dinner. Camp sites are set in the open desert under the starry sky. After the bonfire which continues until late, you can lie down by your camp and see the most beautiful stars in the clear desert skies.

Dinner Only

If you are lacking on time but still want to enjoy the safari experience then this option is for you. It starts at 7 pm and goes till 11 pm. You can enjoy dinner, belly dancing, sand ski and sheesha. Desert Safari is a must try experience as you take your . You will love discovering the deserts and belly dancing along with the rich Arabic cuisine. The experience will be spectacular and so we recommend you to try this wonderful trip when in Dubai for sure.

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