Embrace The Nature Through The Coral Reefs At Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

As you meander along the Sri Lankan’s coastline, crimson sunsets and ruby-red sunrises beckon you, while seen in stilts borne over magnificent blue bays are the fishermen crouching in for unfathomable duration of time. With velvety smooth sands, gentle flowing of the ebbing tides, serene waters around the island, there is almost everything for everyone to be entertained by at Hikkaduwa, a small town located on Sri Lankan’s south coast.

Explore the aquatic playground on Sri Lanka’s beaches that provide myriad fun activities for those enthusiastic about water sports. Sailing, angling, windsurfing and snorkeling are only a few of the many activities that one can indulge in. Whether it’s sunbathing, swimming diving or just relaxing in the soothing atmosphere, this remarkable destination will surely captivate you in its allure. Think no further, book cheap flight to Sri Lanka for an ultimate experience.

Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa coral reef is undeniably one the most striking coral reefs found in the country of Sri Lanka as well as one of the first coral reefs that has been acknowledged as a marine national park. Since it is close to Galle Road (main road that passes from Colombo to Galle) and Colombo, it is among one of the reefs that is quite easily accessible. During the time waves of tsunami hit Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa area was in fact one of the least affected regions owing to the Coral Reefs that play a vital role in protecting the beach. Those who are true nature lovers as well as tourists visit this destination frequently. This is largely because this location is close to Colombo along with the reefs being nearer to the roads.

Glass bottom boat is definitely one of the easiest and fun ways to discover the coral reef. This is highly recommended for tourists who want to explore without submerging in the water and experience a clear view of the corals. Boat owners there have enough experience to show you the top places and if you are fortunate, you can even come across huge sea turtles that reside in the area. In addition, one cannot miss beach seining which is still Sri Lanka’s much loved form of fishing. Another popular sight among the tourists is stilt- fishing, along the coast further to the deep south.

Hikkaduwa Beach Coral Reef Sri Lanka

However, if you want to explore the reefs in its true sense, there is no better way than having a go at snorkeling. In case you are not a fine swimmer, you will unfortunately be limited to shallow and small area. No need to be disappointed! Expert local divers are available so that visitors can experience the coral reef to full satisfaction. If marine life is your weakness, then this is certainly the best way to go about it.

Irony of the matter is that even though such immense beauty is highly appreciated by human beings, they are the ones who pose the highest threat to the reef. Even though a small amount was destroyed due to the devastating tsunami, is it us human beings who gather corals and imprison various types of fish to be provided for sale in the commercial market. You as tourists can play a role in stopping this by refusing to purchase coral from the stores. Hikkaduwa is among the two Sri Lankan marine reserves, one that is continually under threat. Nevertheless, Hikkaduwa is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Sri Lanka and am ideal place for a getaway.

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