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Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is one of the emirate and the popular city on the Arabian Peninsula that lies on the south of the Persian Gulf. Dubai has one of the largest areas and population amongst the other emirates. Not only this, Dubai is also known world wide for it amazing attractions and sites. Dubai traces back its origins to the early eleventh century when it was a Bedouin tribe that thrived on its pearl gathering trade. But today this global city is much more than what it originally had, this oil rich city and also the emirate is an important business and cultural hub of the entire region. The city is certainly all about its authentic traditional Oriental culture but is also inspired from the other cultures. The high influx of migrants to this lucrative economy has made it a truly multi cultural city. So get your cheap flights to Dubai the land of mysteries and excitement and step into this colorful Arabian city. Treat yourself and your family with the trip to Dubai and make the most of the colorful experience.

Dubai is well known in the West for its duty free shopping. Dubai does not disappoint its visitors and right from the Dubai International Airport until the traditional markets and modern malls the tourist are laden with unlimited avenues for shopping and leisure strolling. The shopping mania in Dubai is not only about the stationary malls and markets but is also a conglomeration of popular festivals and events to pull shopaholics from around the globe into the haven of shopping in Dubai only.

Dubai Summer Surprise is a famous shopping festival held in the summers to promote Dubai as a complete family holiday resort. The festival not only encourages shopping but also highly provides an array of fun filed activities and adventures to indulge the entire family in the amazing Dubai experience. This ten weeks festival that usually runs between the months of June to September focuses on the much waited long summer vacations when every family is looking to venture out in some amusing holidays. Dubai Summer Surprise is just a spot on the summer delights and has everything to bring fun to you and your entire family.

The summer festival focuses on fun, knowledge and education to be imparted to the kids so that they can have the bets of their holidays. The event runs in various popular shopping malls where the themes change every week to encourage more participation for the kids and the same time promote shopping for the elders. The themes are called surprise and hence are named according to the activities held during that week. The tenth and the last week is always named as Back 2 School week to bring the kids back to the mode of schooling days.

What more are you looking for, stop answering your kids questions as to how and where will you spend your vacations the coming summer and instantly get geared up for Dubai. It is where you and your entire family will certainly have a blast.

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