Enjoy the best of Family Holiday in the Breathtaking city of Taipei

Experience a whole new place, culture, food and heritage and book your cheapest airlines to Taipei. Taipei is one of the most beautiful and rich Taiwanese cities. You will love the bright and lively surroundings of this terrific destination and will feel all reinvigorated and enlivened, away from your routine life, as you stroll through the countless tourist attractions of this amazing place. Let us at Travel House UK help you through the most loved tourist destinations which you must visit as you plan your vacation in the fantastic city of Taipei.

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Wulai Waterfall Taipei Taiwan

Wulai Waterfalls

Start your vacation at this amazing city by visiting Wulai Waterfalls. The best way to reach the falls would be to walk to them. These falls are around 45 minutes away from the city center if you go by foot. The good thing is that by walking to the falls, you will be able to admire the spectacular views of the city. Wulai Waterfalls are an amazing site and the best view of the falls can be enjoyed from the Wulai Waterfalls Park which is exactly opposite the falls. You can hike up to the top of the falls to get to another amusement park located at uphill. There are many small restaurants serving local cuisines. You can enjoy great food at very affordable prices from these eateries.

Long Shan Temple Taipei Taiwan

Long Shan Temple

Long Shan Temple is a very revered temple in Taipei. You will be able to see many religious ceremonies going on in the temple all through the day. This temple is believed to the meeting place of the gods and so the Buddhist monks continue their services at this temple regularly. Long Shan means Dragon Mountain in the local language, and you will be able to see many intricate dragon paintings on the walls of the temple. There are many souvenirs shops located in the route to the temple from where you can buy souvenirs and traditional handmade products for your loved ones.

National Palace Museum Taipei Taiwan

National Palace Museum

National Palace museum is a must see location as you take your . National Palace Museum is an impressively expansive facility with brilliant pieces of art and history. Some of its collections date back to the 10 century. You will love walking through the displays and galleries of National Art Museum and will be left all spell bounded by its grandeur. The building of the museum itself is a marvel of architectural finery. After admiring the art works, you can stroll in the beautiful and well-kept gardens outside the museum.

Book your cheap air ticket to Taiwan and fly to the amazing Taipei. You will fell in love with this city and its countless activities. Taipei ensures that it bewitches every tourist with its beauty and culture. When in Taipei you will not even realize how your vacation will fly. So plan a holiday now with your loved ones and have a fantastic vacation in this amazing city.

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