Enthralling Attractions at Singapore

For those discerning travelers who highly value the scenic elegance, invigorating technology which encircles premium luxury hotels, residential villas and a host of other entertainment excursions should make sure they make their way to Singapore. Singapore has for decades now been hogging limelight owing to its superfluous amenities, alluring attractions which cater to a wide range of preferences, budgets and inclinations so book your now and latch onto the timeless fun.

From fun filled rides at the different amusement parks, to the boastful assortment of some of the finest shopping avenues, here at Singapore you are made to make some tough choices. No matter what may bring you here at Singapore, the chances are that you would be left in love with this place making you want to come back for more each time you come to this side of the planet. Owing to the plethora of options, Singapore is today considered a bustling top notch business and leisure haven. Make sure to visit the following places while at Singapore which would guarantee you every penny & second spend here.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio visit

Here at the Universal Studio at Singapore there is a wonderful collection of seven different zones each offering a respite of its own. From Sci-Fi to the Egyptian mummies to the Lost World to the world of dinosaurs, here at the Universal Studio visit you would be splashed with the perfect family entertainment which you would remember for the rest of your life. Universal Studio is truly a world class facility having a class of its own so book your now.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Gate

Singapore Botanical Gardens

For those with an inclination towards some classic species of plants, a visit to the Singapore Botanical Gardens is a highly recommended activity. This open lawn area of more than 64 acres feature a wide collection of plants and the admission to the Botanical Gardens is free so make sure to take some time out and enjoy the unique scenic intimacy which you would sense immediately upon your arrival here.

Boat Quay Singapore Nightview

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

Laced with a wonderful collection of strips of unique pubs, cuisines and other restaurants here the pulsating atmosphere makes the thrill seeking individuals and groups of friends who make their way here want to loosen up right away. Blaring sounds of loud hip tracks, neon smoke lights, jazz, salsa all mixing, beautiful people galore the streets here. The place is a perfect launching pad for all those who wish to unwind from a hard day’s work, romantic duos seeking an intimate candle light dinner and other foreign tourists and travelers who wish to rediscover the rich indigenous cultural heritage of Singapore so get your  now.

Singapore Flyer Nightview

Singapore Flyer Excursion

For those with a flair for some eye popping views of the entire city and those with a tolerance for heights, the Singapore Flyer located at the Marina Bay offers the perfect exultation for tourists and travelers. Make sure to take your favorite lense along to catch some everlasting scenic backdrops.

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