Experience the Extraordinary Osaka

If you’re getting weary of the same attractions and same holiday packages then indulge yourself in something extraordinary. Head over to the hottest destination of this holiday season with cheap flights to Japan which means your trip will not only be filled with adventure, but you will end up saving a lot as well.

Osaka is the place where one starts ticking off their most desired wishes. It’s the place of “firsts”. This is where all the parties are taking place hence book your now and be invited to all the hottest events as it can also be known as the capital of parties and one will feel just at home. There are a lot of places that deserve your special attention some of which are mentioned below.

Live your Fantasy Dream

What better way to spend your vacation than by exploring one of the most visited and talked about theme park. Osaka boasts several entertainment activities however Universal Studios Japan should be your first stop. This theme park is inspired by the many Hollywood movies and has incorporated them into your favorite thrilling rides. Scream at the top of your lungs as the rollercoaster helps you escape the terrifying T-Rex just as it was in your favorite thriller movie, the Jurassic Park.

Universal Studios Japan

Feel like a spider and be the savior of the whole town as you leap and jump over skyscrapers just like in the fascinating movie of the amazing Spiderman. This is your chance to feel like a hero so book your  now with TravelHouseUK and pull a jump start to your dream vacation as there are many other exciting 4-D rides also available at this fantasy world. There is a lot in stored for the children as well from Sesame Street characters to Space Fantasy ride, there is just so much to see and experience that one needs to spend the whole day here.

Visit the World’s most Favorite Aquarium

This is the home of the creatures that prefer to live under water and this is your chance to experience the very best of Japan at the Osaka Aquarium and get acquainted with friendly fish including the sharks. Face your fears as only a thin sheet of glass separates you from these amazing creatures and one feels as if they’re swimming underwater. From the friendly dancer dolphins, the sand-scuttling spider crabs to jellyfish, the cutest penguins and otters and the amazing seals the aquarium will leave you awestruck at the variety of and the beauty of these numerous creatures.

Osaka Aquarium Japan Exterior view

This is your chance to get acquainted with them and experience the extraordinary. This is the best place to visit with your children as it will not only be a fun filled adventure but the trip will be educational as well. Shark lovers will get to meet the numerous kinds of sharks including hammerhead sharks, leopard sharks and zebra sharks. The aquarium basically brings together all the creatures that live in the 8 different oceans.

Osaka Castle Japan exterior view

Osaka Castle

Thousands rush over to pay a visit to this magnificent monument. This structure can be traced back to the 15th century and the architecture is simply to die for. The castle rests on an enormous lush green park and one would be speechless not only at the picturesque scenery but also as one discovers the many fascinating stories behind this marvelous structure. Your trip to Osaka would simply be incomplete without a visit to the breathtaking Castle of Osaka. The fireworks that take place at night are also a must see.

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