Experience the Tranquility at the Magnificent Mactan Island

For all those longing for perfect holiday destination with serene beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, luxurious spots and many diving and snorkeling places, Mactan Island is an ideal resort situated near Cebu (Philippines) and is attached to the Cebu city with the help of 2 bridges Mactan Mandaue Bridgeand Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Each year thousands of tourists head towards this inspiring place which is the blend of beauty and pleasurable activities and you can take cheap flights to Cebu to experience the best leisure time of your life.

Mactan Island is offering the most interesting activities such as sightseeing by Tricycle now when you are at the Island, ride a tricycle for sightseeing just as the locals use it. It provides you with the best photo capturing opportunity as these tricycles are beautified with colourful paints and are very eye-catchy. If you are a scuba diving lover you will love to go to world-class diving spots Pescador and Moalboal offering you the life time chance of swimming, diving and snorkeling as the island is very famous for its consistent water temperature and white sandy beaches.

Besides, the island has many astounding monuments, one of them isLapu Lapu Shrine (aka Liberty Shrine) that was built to respect Lapu Lapu Island’s Chief that is regarded as a courageous country hero for assassinating the Portuguese explorer and it is mentioned on the shrine that;

‘Here on April 27, 1521 Lapu Lapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders, killing their leader, Ferdinand Magellan. Thus Lapu Lapu became the first Filipino to repel European’.

 You will also be amazed to see the Philippines Cultural Shows as they are born with natural gift of dancing and singing. A glorious experience of watching the Filipinos performing in bright multi-coloured dresses, that you will be unable to find anywhere.

Don’t skip Mactan’s nightlife as the dark time at the Island is truly magical, with luxurious discos, bars and nightclubs, spa and massage outlets and lavish casinos. The jungle restaurant, Coco Loco’s, Sawadee Spa and Girlie Bars are totally magnetic and seductive. Apart from all such enchantments there is a lot more to discover at the wizardly island. The climate of Cebu is moderate with no distinguished dry or wet season making it the best tourist resort for the whole year. So this time for enjoying the natural beauty and admiring its mystical and bewitching landscapes, take a trip to Maktan Island.

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