Planning to spend holidays on Island ? Go Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Sri Lanka

According to Hinduism Holy book Geeta, SriLanka was once linked with India through a huge bridge.  The state was conquered by an evil ruler with nine faces called the “Ravaan”. In the “Ramain” the hero prince Ram burns down the “Lanka” of evil Ravan’s  to save his princess wife Seta. This humongous fight also results in burning of the bridge and ends the contact of Sri Lanka with India forever. The Lanka of all times is thus left alone as an Island, as we know it today!

Sri Lanka today, is a wonder in itself. As they say large things often come in small packages. It has all that it takes to make a perfect vacation.

Starting from the costs of travel, an average low cost airline flight to Sri Lanka, costs far less than any other Island of such glamour and beauty. Cheap Flights to Colombo Sri Lanka fly daily from all major airports in London building an air bridge between the countries only hours away from each other anymore. Also, the accommodation costs in Sri Lanka are too good to be true. One can find space, availability and good price all at the same time.

Sri Lanka as a tourist destination has received vast acknowledgement and praise beyond words. Very recently, it has been titled the “2nd best Island to visit” by a National Geographic Channel program. The travel writer of International fame, Jill Crawshaw stated “the Island has absolutely everything in a small space”. In saying of explorer Marco Polo “Sri Lanka is a jade pendant in the Indian Ocean”.

What you can explore and enjoy in Sri Lanka includes a variety of stunning beaches, some of the world’s most interesting and rare wild life, a dozen amazing places of historical significance, word heritage sites, lusciously green forests, awe striking waterfalls, and amusing activities as river rafting. In other words the Island offers a taste of everything you can possibly hope for, in a small space. The New York times listed Sri Lanka as “one of the best destinations to visit”. You cannot get bored in a million years, so take some good two weeks off to explore Sri Lanka.

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