Trekking in Himalayas Highest Peaks

Mountain Trekking is not for the light hearted, it takes a huge toll on both your physical and monetary health. But if you ask the people who have been through this experience if they want to do it again, more than 99 percent of them will give you an affirmative reply. The reason is that there is no better place than the mighty mountains which can take you so close to the nature.

The highest peaks of the world are in the Great Himalayas Mountain range that stretches from North-Eastern India to Nepal and Tibet all the way to the northern Pakistan. With more than 14 peaks that are higher than 8000 meters it sure provides a lot of mountaineering and trekking opportunities to the adventurous tourists from around the world. We have tried to provide a brief introduction of two of the most famous treks in the mountain range that will surely provide you awe inspiring views and an opportunity for a memorable vacation.

Mt. Everest:

Climbing the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest is a dream of every person who is fascinated by mountain climbing. But if you are not an expert mountain climber even then the mountain has something to offer you. The trek that leads to the base camp of the mountain, from which the climbers start their perilous journey to the summit of Everest, is one of the most famous in the Himalayas. After taking a cheap flight to Kathmandu the capital of Nepal you can contact any tour operator in the city for arranging such a tour. If you are travelling alone then the best way for enjoying your trekking to fulest is to tag along with a group that is already planning to trek in the area, in this way you will be saving a lot of money along with providing your self with companions to take care of you if you get in any kind of trouble along the way.


You must have seen the famous block buster Vertical Limits, well this was made about this peak though not on the exact location but in Canada instead. It is the second highest peak of Himalayas and of the world and if you ask the professional climbers the most difficult peak to climb as well but the one that provides the most majestic views in whole of Himalayas. It’s in Northern Pakistan, so if you are travelling from outside the country then take a cheap flight to Islamabad and then a connecting flight to the regional airport in Gilgit. The area is full of stunning mountains and rivers and to your surprise you’ll find it flocked by the tourists.

This is considered the most peaceful of the areas in the south Asia and there have been no reported cases of any tourists been harmed or harassed in Gilgit and the surroundings, so don’t listen to what media has to say, the war is way off in the western parts of the country. The trekking expeditions are arranged with the help of the local tour operators and again try to tag along with a group for your convenience and security.

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