Exploring Malaysia's History in Malacca


Malacca Malaysia

If you have visited Malaysia then you will agree that it is one of the most developed and modern country in its region. It has one of the most advanced economy and infrastructure and is set to become the major player in the industrial sector of the south East Asia. But this beautiful country has a long and rich history attached to it as well and it can not be explored properly by just visiting its world class metropolises like Kuala Lumpur or the tropical paradise like islands of Langkawi.

To know the real history of the country you will have to go to its birthplace and that is the gorgeous little city of Malacca. Malacca rose to fame as the trading post in the beginning of the last millennia and its geographical position was the main reason behind it as it is located on the mouth of strait connecting the south East Asia with the south Asia. The wealth that generated in this city state because of the trading activity made it the most powerful in the Malaysian islands and this economic might soon converted into political one and the modern country of Malaysia began to take shape.

In the 17th century as the European powers started colonizing the region Malacca fell first in the hands of Portuguese and later that of the Dutch. Today you will find the symbols of the colonial era in the form of both Portuguese and Dutch architecture that has become the greatest attraction of the town. Malacca has its own airport but there are not many direct flights available for it so if you are arriving from abroad then you will have to take a and then either you can take a connecting flight to Malacca or can make the journey by road. The city of Malacca is one of the top tourist attractions in Malaysia so there are plenty of world class hotels in the city where you can stay in.

The one unique thing of Malacca is its cultural diversity and the ethnic harmony as nearly all of the Malaysian ethnic groups have a presence in the city, the most of the residents belong to the majority Malay community and the ethnic Chinese, Indians and Europeans also have a considerable population as well. The old city center is the place to head to if you are looking for inspiring colonial and Islamic architecture. The most famous of these buildings are the town hall, churches and the mosques of the city center.

The city’s china town is the best place for shopping in the city and the Chinese temples are also worth visiting. If the city life start getting a little too hectic for you then Malacca can offer you its pristine beaches just outside the city the most famous of them being the beaches of Pulau Besar that are bone white and provide a great relaxing opportunity. There are quite a few resorts on the beach where you can find quality facilities at competitive prices.

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