Exploring Sri Lanka Hill Side in Kandy

The long and bloody civil war is over and the peace has returned to this tropical paradise of an island, Sri Lanka. Even during the years when a war was going on in the northern parts of the country the tourist never stopped flocking its southern beaches. But its not just the beaches of Sri Lanka that makes it such a special vacation destination, this small island is unbelievably diverse naturally. If you are looking for holidays at a hill station then Sri Lanka can offer you Kandy, the capital of its hill countryside and the second largest city of the country.

Kandy was the capital of the last Sinhalese empire that ended in 1815, and is rich in not only the natural beauty but also has some precious relics from the glorious past of the Sri Lanka. If you are flying from outside the country then the best option will be to take a and then make the rest of the journey by the either local bus service or by hiring a car from the city. You will find quite a lot of hotels and resort in the city and the surrounding area that caters to the tourists with all kind of budgets.

The most favorite activity for most of the tourists is trekking in the hill side of Kandy which has quite a lot of walking tracks and sidewalks. Although each one of them can provide you with some awesome scenery but if you can get the permission from the Kandy Municipal Council you can trek into the secret Walkers Forest upper Hantane trek which has the best view of the area and is considered as the premier trekking area in the region.

In the hills just outside the city you will find some traditional Sri Lankan villages, you can always visit them as the locals are friendly and are welcoming to the tourists, the experience will provide you quite a deep insight into the lifestyle of the local people.

If you reach the city in august you can become part of the famous Prahera Festival, where the major attraction are the elephants that march through the streets of Kandy. If you are fond of elephant riding then this will be your best opportunity to have some fun if you are ready to pay around 50 GBP. Another feature of this festival is the local Kandyian dance, which can also be witnessed in the Kandy Culture center every evening if you missed out on the Prahera Festival.

Other than the natural beauty of the city, it is also rich in history and it is evident through the historical buildings in the city. The holiest Buddhist shrine of the country the tooth temple is located in the northern Kandy and is said to be holding a tooth of the Lord Buddha as a relic. Talking about the temples, one temple will be visible from almost every part of Kandy, its Bahirawakanda Temple with a gigantic Buddha statue and is worth visiting.

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