Geological Heaven – Indonesia

Lake Toba Indonesia

If two words were to describe the large country of Indonesia, they would be cultural diversity and geological beauty. Indonesia being the largest archipelago in the world has 18100 stunning islands, thus naturally it offers mesmerizing water sports for the visiting tourists. The country is a proud owner of a rich heritage which will be alluring to explore; archeologists from all over the world are attracted to the country. Get a chance to visit the largest island within an island, the Palau Samosir in Indonesia.

Swim in the naturally warmed waters or lounge back on the beaches of Indonesia. Sail through the Lake Toba, which is the largest volcanic lake in the county or explore the 70,000 year old landscape devastation which was once cause by a volcanic eruption. You will get to come across unusual geological charms in the island country. Let us take you to a ride of Indonesia; we have tracked down the best places for you to visit. Book now flights to Indonesia.

We shall start by taking you to the stunning island of Borneo first. The untouched wilderness island takes you to a boat sail to explore the fierce wildlife, especially reptiles hidden at every bend of island waters. Tour companies of the Tanjung National Park hire rafts and take you an ultimate eco experience of your life. So if you have a nerve to come up close with a python, a crocodile or leopard, gear it up for a trip to the Tanjung National Park which is a famous ecotourism destination.

Balem Valley Indonesia

Next we take you to a glimpse of stone-age era at the Baliem Valley. The valley was hidden from the outside world until 1938 when a flight across the southern part of this wild valley discovered a vast agricultural land. Tourists are wildly attracted toward the Baliem Valley which is an untouched heaven of roaring rivers, green forests and majestic mountains. You will come across the friendly Dani people of the valley here.

Gili Islands of Lombok

Next we take you the Gili Islands of Lombok. The islands are tranquil and laidback which no noises nearby causing disturbance. Small beachside cafes offer delicious snacks and cold cocktails. Dive centers at Gili entertain the visiting divers with high tech equipment and professional training. The exciting promise of witnessing a great variety of fish underwater comes your way. On the north side of Gili, the coral beach can provide you with an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

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