Guangzhou And Stunning Sights

Planning to visit China and want to see something else as well with the typical Chinese culture and if you want to see the history of this gigantic and thousand years old nation? Then welcome to the city of Guangzhou. A city which is filled by history and Chinese modern history in particularly there are so many sights the place offers that one get startled by the choices. And you can get to all with our cheap flights to Guangzhou.

The city is also hub of the economy, politics, cultural and legacy. The weather is humid here but because the flowers which bloom all round the year the city is known as the “City of Flowers” The city has a lot of sights which are definitely worth seeing but to day we will take you to the tour of some of the sights which are in the list of the top eight sights of the city. This includes:

Ancestral Temple of Chen Family: The Ancestral Temple is one of the most well-preserved artistic structures in the province. Located at the Zhongshan Oi Lu.This temple was built in the 12th year of the famous Emperor Guangxu’s contains nineteen other structures of different sizes and shapes making this temple even more worth seeing and tempting for the tourists from all over the world. The architectural ornaments vary enhancements like wooddesignes, brick crafting and ceramic monuments and combines they be a symbol of the very paramount of Guangdong cultural ornamental fine art.

White Cloud Mountain Guangzhou

This Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family also holds a position to be in the top eight sights of the city. The place is now turned into a museum and is open for everyone.So anyone who is visiting Guangzhou should not let their trip go without seeing This Beautiful Temple of its own Kind.

White Cloud Mountain: Another very charming attraction of the place is the white cloud mountain, situated in the southern part of the city and a very well one known as the prime peak of the Guangzhou city and classified as the AAAA category attraction and stands in the top eight sights of Guangzhou, it also a charming panorama spot.There are very scenic sites the place offers which includes the Shanding with stunning views of Shanding Park, village hotel Mingchuan valley Shuangxi Villa, Nengran Temple and Jiulong spring and you can take a cable car which is also ab interesting experience it self to Shnading. Shanbei where as offers something a bit bizarre to guests that is the tow other sightseeing spots where you recognize the value of Baiyun Sontao which itself is one of the top eight sites of the Guangzhou and Lihu and the scenic point Lihu has a specialty that it has a lot of greenery giving out cool shady areas providing soothing and to add on the beauty nature has made a beautiful lake near by which makes your trip to this beautiful spot more interesting. And you can visit this beautiful city with our cheap air fares for your budgets.

Bright Filial Piety Temple: Situated at Guangxiao Lu, This temple is the most old and biggest Buddhist temple in the Lingnan area. Bright Filial Piety Temple acts a vital responsibility in Chinese olden times for the reason that numerous celebrated Buddhist monks basically reached here to teach and preach their religion doctrines and consequently brought glory to temple.

Yuexiu Park: The Park is famed for its fine-looking surroundings and its huge quantity of chronological ruins such as the Five-Ram Sculpture, Square Canon Site, Ming Dynasty City Wall and Zhenhai Tower.

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