Indulge in a Perfect Tropical Island Vacation at Mactan Island


The islands of southeastern Philippines offer one of those magical experiences that one can only dream of. If you have been seeking to indulge in that perfect tropical island holiday, then the Mactan Island of Cebu is just the ideal place for you. With pristine white sandy beaches, stunningly beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters of the ocean, thrilling diving and snorkeling spots and not to mention the pleasure of experiencing Philippine’s exquisite culture, there is simply no better place you’d rather head out to for an indulging vacation than Mactan Island.

And to add a little adventure to your ideal tropical island vacation spot, there should always be the thrill of exploring popular historical sites which Mactan also houses. So why wait? All this calls for booking cheap flights to Philippines without a second thought!

An insight to the amazing Mactan Island

Mactan Island falls in the Cebu Province of Philippines, and is by far one of the most exotic of places within the country. The island’s breathtaking natural beauty alone is enough to leave one in awe. Mactan offers you the exotic beaches with pristine waters and the perfect sun that is enough to make you stay outdoors the entire day. You will also find some of the best diving and snorkeling spots that are perfect for all those who love to spice things up a little when it comes to adventure. A large variety of fish and clear waters makes snorkeling all the more fun and exciting in Mactan.

Explore Mactan’s exquisite culture

One of the many things that attract thousands of tourists from across the globe to the amazing Philippines is its fascinating culture. One of the best ways to do this is by heading to the cultural and native shows that the island is famous for hosting. Filipino cultural shows exhibit their culture and dances wearing colorful costumes that are very amusing to watch. So make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to experience this entire extravaganza when heading to Philippines.

Mactan Island Golf Club

When surrounded by majestic natural beauty, one can only dream of playing their favorite sport. And what could be better than indulging in a good game of golf?

Mactan Island’s Adventure

Mactan Island is also home to two of the most extraordinary age-old sites of the country that further adds the perfect cherry on top of a truly spectacular holiday. Head out to explore the famed Lapu Lapu Shrine that was built to honor the chief of Mactan Island, who had successfully repelled the invaders in the year 1521.

The shrine is beautiful and really sets out to take you through that time of struggle. The famed Magellan’s Marker has also been built in the battleground where the Mactan chief Lapu Lapu succeeded in killing the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Both these historic sites are not only appealing to those who love exploring history but also those who love indulging in a little bit of adventure.

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