It’s Wild, It’s Fun and It’s Fantastic; It’s the Wonderful Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

One place that can never seize to surprise you and that too, pleasantly is the beautiful and thrilling city of Dubai. It’s unmatchable glory, unparalleled entertainment and unlimited opportunities for fun, excitement and amusement will certainly leave you awe-inspired. For a vacation that you’ve been dreaming of for a while now, we’d be glad to assist you by offering cheap tickets to Dubai from the UK to the dynamic city for an unforgettable journey.

Amongst many of its charming and absolutely stunning attractions that are sure to keep you busy and entertained, one of the most epic ones is the fabulous ‘Wild Wadi Water Park’. Situated perfectly in front of the spectacular ‘Burj Al Arab’, you are guaranteed a sensational view amongst many other things. A perfect getaway for a fun filled family vacation or for an exciting trip with friends, this right here, is Dubai at its very best.

The breath taking 30 rides here have been redefining fun, excitement, adventure and thrill for years and continue to inspire all new visitors. Of course they love visiting it again and again as it is not possible for one to get enough of this fascinating place. The glorious waterslides are fun for just about anyone and everyone. The ‘Wipeout’ and ‘Riptide’ offers the most alluring and ultimate surfing experience. This is proudly one of the only four such rides in the whole world so consider yourself lucky whilst you’re on it.

For some relaxed and refreshing fun, one could always sit back and enjoy the long soothing meter high waves of the flood river and the lazy, long river of Juha’s journey. For those who are visiting with kids, be rest assured that there is plenty for them to do and see. The Wild Wadi water Park is known to be children friendly and not only does it provide fun sports, gadgets, water guns and racing slides for the young ones but also has in place lifeguards to ensure that your child’s safety comes first. All you need to do is bring your family together and then relax, sip your cocktails and watch as your kids roam about having an enormous amount of fun and that too, in a safe environment.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is also a great place for those who love adventure and thrill. The adrenaline fuelled rides give the thrill seekers exactly what they’re looking for. The ‘Burj Surj’ and the ‘Tantrum Alley’ are exactly the rides that get that adrenaline pumping and make you scream like never before. After all, that is what fun at the wild Wadi is all about; it’s truly WILD and wonderfully so!

It couldn’t possibly get any better than this but it most certainly does. The fantastic Wild Wadi has many promotional offers, the likes of which you have been craving to see. From exclusive ‘ladies nights’ for the ladies to enjoy fully, to the amusing ‘VOX Cinema’ which is guaranteed to double your fun, to save up some cash through the ‘Wild Wadi coolers’, and the spectacular summer passes that guarantee fun all summer long.

For a trip that you will never forget, or fun that you will crave for, for excitement that is absolutely at the very next level and entertainment that will blow you away, a trip to the wonderful and exciting Wild Wadi is absolutely essential and definitely something to look forward to. So pack your bags, build up your stamina and get ready for a summer that will enlighten you, expand your imagination and entertain you to the very bone.

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