Japan, The City of Cherry Blossoms

Japan, a land of Cherry blossoms, ancient traditions and modernity in economy and day to day life offers a life as luxurious as not found anywhere else in the world. If you are thinking to visit Japan then you will be very jovial to gather that Japan’s top most attraction for tourist are to be found in Tokyo alone and there are a lot more fun and adventures activities country-wide.

To give you a fair view of the attractions and must-see tourist places in Japan we have come up with the list of the following attractions to highlight what Japan has to offer to her guests. Acquire cheap flights to this metropolitan country at once.

Roppongi District:

Roppongi District is an institutional hub of Tokyo. Three of the top art museums of Japan are situated here which includes Mori Art museum and the Suntory Museum situated in Roppongi hills and the other is in Tokyo Midtown complex the last but no the least is very charming museum named as National art center which also situates nearby Tokyo midtown.

Other than museum Roppongi District features a lot more for the visitors to intrigue them and give you a memorable and fun trip by offering a very hoping night life, world-class cafés restaurants clubs and bars. So it is a beautiful mix of art and modern hip life and an extremely refreshing place to be. Get your cheap flights to Japan and celebrate your vacations.

Tokyo Tower:

Tokyo tower is one of the top attractions in Japan as it resembles the Eiffel tower of Paris. It is a must visit site apart from its beauty and loftiness you can also get a very amazing glimpse of the whole city of Tokyo and Mount Fuji in the distance from the top of the tower which in itself is a wonderful experience.

Tokyo Imperial Palace:

Tokyo Imperial Palace is a very iconic and momentous building. If you want to feel the true essence of Japanese kingship and Royal class then this is a perfect place for you to visit. On Emperors Birthday or New Year one can have a look of the charming and majestic palace from inside and if it’s the some other part of the year then you can have joyful tours of the gardens, bridges and the public areas of the Palace. Enjoy this royal tour with our Business class flights to Japan.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Japan

Nagoya Port:

Nagoya Port is another magnificent and well known attraction of Japan. As this feature shows off a few other excitements like an ice breaker ship Fuji which was used in the voyage of Antarctica and is now open to tourists. Here you will also find the exact replica of the world’s top attractions in Venice Grand Canal and San Marco Square. It also has a famous Nagoya Aquarium which has assorted kinds of fishes and other sea life.

Yokohama China town:

China town in Japan seems to be a very sarcastic statement considering the history but its not. Well astonishingly there are actually three China towns in Japan in which Yokohama is the largest one and if you want to see Chinese cultures and delicacies in Japan then China town is the place for you with Chinese authentic culture of Dragons, green teas and sushi.

Japan is definitely an enchanting city with so many things to do, visit, see, enjoy, eat, feel fresh and get pleasure from your vacations to its best. On the whole it is a complete package of delightful experience. Fly to Japan with our cheap air fares for every account and enjoy this enthralling country with your family and friends.

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