Kuala Lumpur, The Heart Of Asia

You must have heard this line quite often “Malaysia truly Asia”? Well that’s exactly what you want to visit this time? Then welcome to no other place but Kuala Lumpur with all the specialties of the true Asian country. The country from past few times has become very well known among the tourists because of being the most versatile and attractive destination for all over the world. It has everything to intrigue every guest from a large range of architectural buildings which includes the Menara Kuala Lumpur, the very well known Petronas Twin Towers which are the second sky scraper structures in the whole world.

Then the urban also boaster some of the Asia’s extremely large shopping areas and a vivacious mix up of boulevard bazaars. Save for creations Kuala Lumpur inaugurates one of the most excellent peaceable corners surrounded by the spirit of the metropolis with lavish sea green lung of water Gardens and the bright green decorated Tasik Titiwangsa.This whole city is a gorgeous merge of up-to-the-minute and chronological attraction, with vendor stalls and out of the ordinary pre war shops at the side of the delightful buildings.So to sum up it won’t be incorrect to describe Kuala Lumpur as the entrance to a multicolored and distinctive Asian encounter in factual sense.

kuala Lumpur City Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur City Malaysia

Though Malaysia gives the impression of a small, little country to a large number of people but is a cloud nine for the sightseers who fancy traveling around the world of magnetism and amusement. The allure holds the things that should not be missed on your trip to Kuala Lumpur such as;

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: A very exciting and one of it own kind of an attraction is the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and it is also one of the largest park in the world and so huge that it contains some of the smaller parks with in such as World of Parrots, Brahminy Park, Flamingo pond and Hornbill park, every area has its own unique charm and style an don’t only this you can visit the beautiful aisle which is dwelling of above than three thousand birds and loads more with our cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur Right away!!!!

Theme Parks The theme parks of the city are also very interesting in a way that they are so huge that roaming around in them is also an experience of a life time there are rides which will cater everybody’s need from the adventure lovers to adventure freaks it has every sort of an enjoyment you would like to have on excellent trip to the theme park from the lavish and communicating video games to top of the line and stunning live entertaining shows to some really really dangerously exciting rides where as the main and the most enchanting rides include the thrilling Roller Coaster, Splash pool, Flight Stimulator, and the amazing Tube drop and this all combined will definitely transform you in an ultimate condition of Adeline Rush!!

Thean Hou Temple: Feel like seeing the spiritual and the side of the country? Then do plan a visit t o the famous Thean Hou Temple not only well known but in fact one of the oldest one on the entire South Asia looking down from the Rodson Heights of Kuala Lumpur dedicated to the Chinese Goddess Tian Hou. It is indeed a very charming and antique place every one as it speaks the very loud about the culture and unique history of the religious backgrounds. So now what are you waiting for pack your bags now fly with our cheap tickets to Malaysia.

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