Kuwait’s most Precious Treasure; The Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers Night view

The official state of Kuwait, located perfectly in the north east of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia is a state worth every bit of appreciation. This oil rich state enjoys a quality lifestyle full of luxuries, relaxation and extravagance and therefore a trip here is bound to be much more than simply great. The extraordinary culture heritage, the amazing buildings, sensational attractions, incomparable hospitality, friendly people who’d love to welcome you with warmth and respect and an overall experience that you will gladly remember for the rest of your life is exactly what Kuwait is all about. That is why we are rather happy to offer cheap airline tickets from the UK to the captivating state of Kuwait for you and your family or friends to have the time of their lives.

Perhaps the most ravishing of all the attractions in Kuwait, and trust us to know that there are many, are the magnificent ‘Kuwait Towers’ that stand in all their might on the Arabian gulf road in the city of Kuwait to inspire, surprise and fascinate anyone who casts an eye on them. Standing as tall as 123 meters above sea level, they are undoubtedly impossible to miss; instead they provide a rather sensational site.

These towers are recognized as ‘urban monuments’ that proudly represent Kuwait’s economic and progressive renaissance in addition to a world renowned tourist and cultural landmark. Even from the outset, the towers are a breathtaking site. The intricate details that have been carefully given attention to, the high quality material used to build the towers and the exquisite architectural marvels that these towers are all about will definitely add up to a jaw dropping site, one that you will cherish for a very long time to come.

Of course, the inside of the towers is a luxurious world of its own, one that you might want to stay in forever. The Main tower consists of a viewing sphere, a main sphere and the ground floor has several things to look forward to. The ground floor specializes in outside catering and a first class reception hall to facilitate guests, meetings and seminars. The main sphere is a heavenly abode for tasting some of the most delicious foods and drinks ever. Consisting of the ‘Horizon Restaurant’, ‘Al Waha’, ‘Le Café’ and the ‘Dasman’, be prepared to experience great hospitality, pleasing services and food that will refresh your taste bud and surely cater to your appetite.

The ‘Viewing square’ is yet another fruitful treat. Situated 123 meters above sea level and rotating 360 degrees in 30 minutes, this viewing square offers a panoramic view of the entire city. The great buildings, the charming lights and the empowering sky will give you a jaw dropping view.

The middle tower is 147 meters above the sea level and caters to the water supply of all three towers in a manner completely new to you as it has the capacity to contain one million gallons of water at one time. The third tower, also known as the small tower, is as high as 123 meters above the sea level and surprisingly illuminates the whole city. All in all, these towers are Kuwait’s most precious treasure and therefore a must see! It is guaranteed that they will keep you entertained and you will soon be introduced to what fun vacationing is all about.

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