Luxuries Awaits for you; The W Retreat, Koh Samui

W Lounge at night Koh Samui

A lot of factors make Thailand one great travel location. Recently it has become one top tourist holiday destination due to the wonderful and complete holidays that it has to offer. The Sunshine and natural beauty of the place with the pristine beaches and the turquoise waters make for amazing places to stay at. Places that you can enjoy holidays full of adventure, serenity and at the best hotels of the region.

The charming resort of W Retreat at Koh Samui is one heavenly example of a dreamy tropical retreat. The resort is located along the gulf of Thailand with lush green surroundings, clear waters and a number of modern luxuries at your fingertips. Come and enjoy the best of nature at this spectacular island, with beaches offering you a chance to enjoy the white sands and the sunshine, the waters with their rich marine life and the marvelous activities that are available here. The most unique feature of the island is that it provides you the luxuries and comforts of modern life while it has been designed to fit the natural landscape as well.

The resort capitalizes on the natural surroundings while offering wonderful cuisine, complete privacy and other pleasures like massages, adventures and sporting activities as well. Regular cheap flights to Koh Samui are available around the year which offers travelers a chance to choose the best available packages that are economical as well as suitable for them.

Living at the Koh Samui is like living on an oasis of calm. It is like your dream landscape coming to life. Imagine waking up in the spacious private room of yours and watching the ocean waves collide with the land, the cool breeze blowing and the trees adding to the beauty of the place. A place like this exists in few regions of planet, and one offering such luxury and personalized service is even rarer.

The accommodation is 75 rooms that are all spacious and have been decorated with great taste and keeping in view the scenery. The colors and furnishings are light and give an impression of coolness have been decorated using modern furnishings and a wonderful blend of colors as well. In addition to wonderful decoration, all the rooms offer facilities like satellite connection TVs, room safes and a room service around the clock as well.

A number of activities are available for the guests to enjoy. These give you an opportunity to add that content of adventure in your holiday that you crave so much. The resort offers boating activities, golfing, sailing in the ocean, Scuba diving so you can explore the secrets of the ocean and also jogging and running so that you stay in shape and are refreshed and healthy during your stay.

Other perks offered at the resort include a fine dining facility that offers stylish spaces and powerful atmospheres as well. The Kitchen Table and Sip Bar offer you a chance to indulge yourself in wonderful and distinctive dishes and savor the tastes of the cuisine available here. There is also a spa known as the AWAY spa offering you a chance to refresh yourself and to relax while on your holiday. The resort also includes a business center, an outdoor pool and a meeting space and banquet halls so all festivities and meetings can be conducted flawlessly here.

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