Make Your Dream Vacations a Reality at El Nido, Palawan

So you are flipping through the pages of a magazine and before you realize it, you are starring at this mind blogging image of what seems to be the ideal place for your dream vacations. Look no further; such paradise exists nowhere else but Philippines. El Nido is undeniably one of the most visited and well known tourist getaways of this spectacular country. Way before other numerous first class resorts germinated in Palawan, this remarkable destination had already served millions of overseas vacationer and tourists with its first class beaches and accommodations. It is also a preeminent diving site whereby divers have a chance to get acquainted with the sea cows while discovering the deep, multihued coral-tangled ocean bed. White beaches, rainforests and mangroves are just few of the magnificent things El Nido Palawan has to offer. Book cheap flights to Philippines and indulge in the mesmerizing sights this place has to offer.

El Nido is regarded as a first class metropolis and has managed to preserve the precious resources available in the province of Palawan, Philippines. El Nido situated in Palawan is one of the most assorted ecosystems in the nation therefore sheltered by the major Philippine institutions. Its hidden adventures and unique attractions will tempt you to visit back and explore it all over again.

Being an inimitable Philippines destination, El Nido is celebrated for its soaring cliffs of limestone which are inhabited by a species of birds known as the swiflets. This kind resides in caves with the ability to adapt and navigate in complete darkness. Their nests are entirely put up with their own saliva, which is utilized as the key ingredient for the famed Chinese delicacy commonly known as Bird’s nest soup. This brief fact brings us to how El Nido got its name. It’s after the edible swiflets nests. In Spanish “Nido” means nests. While you tour, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of these significant cliffs.

Miniloc Island Resort Palawan Philippines

Every time one visits El Nido many, it’s hard not to get struck by the exquisiteness of its seascapes and by the awe-inspiring Bascuit Bay sunsets. The town of El Nido has been successful in maintaining its character over the recent tourism boom and it is suffice to say that it has only improved further. Even though there now exist many more restaurants and guest houses than before, disappeared has much of its earlier squalor and beachfront chaos. Around sunset, there is a charming ambience along the beach front.

During your stroll on the soft sand as you eyes gaze at the mesmerizing sunset, you have the choice to choose your sunset dinner from myriad of restaurants lined up. If you are in the mood for a picturesque romantic dinner, there is a restaurant around the corner offering the perfect candlelight dinner. On the other hand, if you feel like paying a visit to something more happening, there are few restaurants present to cater that need too.

It is impressive how the community of El Nido has become united to protect and preserve their environment. From NGO’s to tourist shops to the local government, everyone is working together for the combined aim of sustainable eco tourism. Most of the people you will interact with there will appear to be an environmentalist. This is one factor that attracts more and more oversea visitors every year. As the awareness of environmental hazards widens, so does the urge among the common man to do something about it. By visiting this breathtaking place, you will certainly be contributing to the environmental preservation, only if by a fraction.

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