Maldives – A dream Holiday destination

Maldives is a gem in the heart of Indian Ocean. It only takes a few hours flight to get there, though the place is so enigmatic that it seems you have traveled through time and space and entered a prehistoric lush and unspoiled Island. A couple of airlines offer direct flights to Male, Maldives’ capital Island while some offer indirect cheap flights to Maldives as well. Whether you take the journey or the longer way around, the trip is worth everything.

There are four secrets why they call Maldives “a Lost Paradise”.

Secret One: Warm Waters and clear diving

Maldives is like pearls scattered on the turquoise chest of Indian Ocean. Half its secrets lay in its warm waters. The water that spread such warmth that fills your heart with a new life each time a wave caresses you and sand slips from underneath your feet into the arms of clear waters. It is marvelous to sit in the shade of a palm and watch time fly by, carefree.

It is the one place where you can become a part of the mighty waves and allow yourself to be taken down deep into the heart of ocean where clear waters reveal a lost world of colors and life. It is here, that divers can see a fish from as far as fifteen meters, diving cant get any better than that.

Secret Two: White Sands and Wild Sun

The White sands, as white as snow and the wild sun, that runs free from the arms of clouds and keep extending its rays to those who are willing to open their smiles at it. It is the mesmerizing, Maldives shore where, as far as you can see beauty and splendor keep on extending.

Secret Three: Weather Goodness

Chirping birds cool sea breeze, warm sun and a pleasance wrapping you in its arms. The weather in Maldives is as heavenly as the place itself. Its neither too cold, nor too warm

Secret Four: Weddings

What Adam might have felt, holding hands with Eve standing at the wild, wonderful and unspoiled earth – It is what a groom and a bride feel surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of Maldives. Wedding in Maldives, is a wedding in heaven.

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