Petronas Towers, The Malaysian Landmark

Every major city of the world has its own landmarks, like the New York has the statue of liberty and the Paris has the Eifel Tower. In south east Asia no city has a more renowned landmark than the city of Kuala Lumpur with the twin Petronas towers that were the highest structures in the world till 2004 when the Taipei 101 were built in Taiwan. The towers are not only a symbol of the growing economic might of Malaysia but also have become a famous tourist attraction. Thousands of tourist head to the deck of the towers to be amazed by the awesome view of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia has really developed itself into an Asian economic power house since its humble beginning as an agriculture based economy at the time of its independence. As the country prospered it needed to show case its economic might so that the world can acknowledge it. And what better way of projecting your image as a growing economic power than making these magnificent 88 storey’s twin towers.

The construction started in 1991 at the location of the Kuala Lumpur’s previous race track, the foundation of the Petronas are considered to be the deepest dug of any other structure in the world. The towers that were completed in 1998 are designed keeping in mind the Islamic architecture of Malaysia and it is evident by its steel and glass façade. The most awesome aspect of all the architecture is the Sky Bridge, the bridge that connects the two towers and is open for the public to visit for having an awe inspiring view of the city.

The towers are still the first place most tourist head to after taking a . Although the two towers are reserved for the offices of multinationals, the Petronas and its subsidiaries have their offices in the tower one and the famous multinational like Bloomberg, Al jazeera, Boeing and Microsoft have leased their offices in the tower two. But the Sky Bridge is open for the tourists that have to pay quite a hefty fee for getting there. It is located between the two towers at the 41st and 42nd floor of the buildings, and provides a great view of Kuala Lumpur. The amazing thing about the bridge is that t is not connected to either of the towers and instead slides from the towers, the reason behind it may have been because it just looks good but also to protect it from falling or damaging itself in case of a major earthquake hitting the area. The bridge is 58 meters in length and is at a height of 170 meters.

If you are not satisfied by the view from the 42nd floor then head to the deck of tower 2 at the 82nd floor, but be advised the fee for entry to this deck is far higher than the Sky Bridge but the tourists who have made the effort will tell you that the view from the deck is well worth the effort and the money spent.

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