Philippines Tropical Paradise, Borcay Island

Philippines are fast becoming a famous tourist destination and the reason behind it this time is not just Cebu. The white sandy beaches of Borcay Island, has started to attract much more tourists than Cebu and the tourist have a pretty good reason for coming here as well. Located just an hour flight away from the capital Manila the island is not only naturally magnificent but the facilities there are world class as well. The island has only recently come on the tourist radar and many visitors that have been there rank its beaches at least at par with the beaches of Phuket and Langkawi.

It has its own small airport which caters to a number of domestic flights but if you are flying from outside the Philippines then the best option will be to take a and then take a connecting flight to Borcay Island. The accommodation facilities are abundant in the island; the more luxurious of the resorts are located along the beach while the ones catering to the tourists on a budget are located just inland. But if you can research a little you can find a cheap hotel on a suitable location on the beach.

Boracay Island Manila Philippines

For many tourists to the Borcay Island the main reason for their arrival in the island is taking in rays on its white beaches. Most hotels along the beach have lounge chairs just outside the hotel entrance that provide an awesome opportunity to take a sun bathe. The most famous of all the beaches is the white beach; it’s a long stretch of white powder like sand along the azure water. The beach is divided into three sections; the section 1 is the premier part of the beach with most of the luxurious resorts of island located in this part.

The white beach has many restaurants and shopping center as it is the commercial center of the island. The beach may be the most beautiful one and the tourist facilities may be at their best here but this beach is the most crowded one as well and if you are looking for a relaxing vacation then white beach is not recommended.

For relaxing on a deserted beach with white sand, azure water and palm trees head to the northern tip of the island. It is called the Puka Beach and if you are looking for relaxing vacation Puka is the place to head to. The waters in its vicinity are a little rougher than the rest of the island and are perfect for a rough swim. The island is also famous for the water sports and is considered as the best place for surfing, so if you are interested in this sport then you can join the many surfing enthusiasts in its waters. You can also hire the scuba diving kit from the resorts on the beach and head to the clear waters of the sea around the island. But if you do not have the license or skill for scuba diving then you can always hire the snorkeling kit and snorkel in the coastal waters to observe the exotic marine life.

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