Phuket is for Everyone

Stunning scenery, majestic tropical sunset and loving azure water is waiting for you at the worlds most popular destination; Phuket Island with world-class weather and so much to explore and experience that one can only say that it is an unbelievable combination of white silky soft beaches, rain forests. Variety of religious influences on the whole gives a very varied environment and warm hospitality.

Phuket is an Island and sometimes also refer as the Phuket Province covering the whole island and some other islands in the neighborhood. Get to all this and much more with our cheap air fares for every budget.

Old Phuket Town;

It is not a little town but this settlement moderately shines with charm and character. In this traditionally wealthy part of the town one will find temples, shrines, cafes, stunningly preserved “shophouses” and museums, in short this place is a creative blend of entertainment.

Phuket View Point :

Phuket has views that would made a landscape writer out of words and painters out brush strokes.Phuket presents view points reaching from east to west swanking sun rise and sun set and  on a good day one can see ocean stretching upto miles and miles away.

It is indeed a matter of personal flavor some people like “Out Side-in” feature of screening the island and some like it life way up in the clouds. Certainly it is a merger of artistic and skilful nature.

Phang Nga Bay Phuket Thailand

Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga is a province situated North of Phuket, almost 45-minutes by car. A unique attraction of Phang Nga Bay is a complete limestone cliff that protrudes vertically out of the emerald green water. Phang Nga Bay is a huge, lovely region that looks different in each change in water and light. James Bond Island and Koh Panniya are also two of the more well known places in this bay. In these spots where rarely fishermen are seen, wildlife is plenteous.

Here you commonly come across lizards sunning on rocks and frequently  

Catch a glimpse of Crab-eating Macaques on the beach. Monkeys are also common there in the bay. So catch all these excitements and cheap tickets to Phang Nga Bay right now.

Big Buddha:

Phuket’s Big Buddha is one of the Phuket Island’s significant and venerated landmarks. Big Buddha is a fresh influx to the island. It is a huge image rests on the peak of the Nakkerd Hill and glances down over Chalonga and Katta.

If you look at the image very fairly it gives out extremely peaceful vibes and the only clatters you will hear around is the rhymes of the small bells and flapping of the yellow flags behind, in the air and relaxing dharma music. The whole atmosphere is very soothing and tranquilly.

Due to all of this serene atmosphere, privacy and romance in the air feeling Phuket is often being the first choice of the couples for their honeymoon as well. 

Phuket for Kids:

Phuket is a complete package for the adults and kids. There are a lot of activities and attraction for broods as well. Including Elephant rides in which you can actually go trekking on elephant see the other side of the Phuket Island from the top of the hill and then get a chance to see baby elephants and how they are trained to act in such a grace and lovable manner.

Then there is a Phuket Aquarium with variety of star fishes, crabs and a lot more intriguing weirdness of the under sea.

Other excitements include ATV fun rides, Water Parks, White Water Rafting, Phuket FantaSea Show, Go Kart and Family Diving in Phuket.

So it won’t be wrong to say that Phuket Island is for everyone with different tastes and age groups. It is thrilling and happening on one side and it is close to nature and calming on the other.

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