Relive China’s History and Culture at the Famous Yellow Crane Tower

Front view of Yellow Crane Tower Wuhan

A wonderful city in central China is the amazing city of Wuhan. Known also as the ‘nine provinces leading thoroughfare’, this city is a major transportation hub so you won’t have to worry about traveling from one place to another. To experience its many fantastic wonders, explore its attractions and live through its majestic charm, we’re glad to offer cheap airline tickets from the UK to Wuhan for you, you friends or your family to enjoy the best of the best in a city which knows no bounds when it comes to breath taking attractions, quality entertainment and a lifestyle that we’ve all been dreaming of.

Wuhan is known popularly as the ‘homeland of white clouds and yellow Cranes’ and is guaranteed to be a fun-tastic tourist destination offering some of nature’s most unique and liveliest of blessings. One landmark in this alluring city is the famous and the beautifully built ‘Yellow Crane Tower’. Located perfectly on the intriguing snake hill, this tower enjoys its fame as the ‘first scenery under heaven’ and definitely lives up to it remarkable reputation. Its location is enhanced by the accompanying ‘Yangtze River’ which also adds to its scenic beauty and exquisite view.

Not only is this tower a treat to look at and worth every bit of admiration but it also represents China’s beautiful cultural and history. In fact, its popularity is so wide spread and cultural importance is so significant that it has literally become the symbol of the Wuhan City and the people seem to adore every bit of it. The famous tower has also inspired many stories and legends. According to one, the yellow crane tower was built by Old Xin who was an old pothouse owner living in Wuhan city a long time ago. One day a poorly dressed priest came along to the pothouse and asked for a glass of wine. Old Xin, however, paid no attention to him but his son was rather kind towards the priest and offered him some wine free of any cost at all.

Since then, the priest started visiting the pothouse regularly for over half a year and then one day he aid to the son that in order to repay his kindness, he would like to draw a crane of the wall of the house and that this crane would dance on his request. When this news spread, the people of the town gathered around to see the never before dancing crane. This resulted in the Xin family suddenly becoming very rich and building the Yellow Crane Tower as a symbol of gratitude to the priest.

Other than the fascinating stories that exist to justify the glorious presence of the Yellow Crane Tower, its history involves its contributions as a watch tower during several wars. However, now it exists primarily as a tourist spot spilled over a breathtakingly picturesque location. Over the year, many poems have been written about this magnificent structure and it has been the subject of many photos, stories and movies. It was due to this publicity that people were so induced to pay a visit to this place and all their expectations were gladly met.

The tower itself is a wonderful place as each floor has a different theme and that very theme has been represented marvelously. It’s a great place for the tourists to relax, enjoy and explore China’s ravishing history in one of its most remarkable landmarks.

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