Revisit History at Terrific and Grand Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Temple of Heaven Beijing China

Pack your bags and set out for a perfect holiday in the amazing China. With its vast area, China offers you to experience diversity in people, culture and landscape like no other country in the world. Travel House UK offers you cheap flights to China so that you can enjoy a mesmerizing holiday in this fascinating country at very affordable rates. When deciding which cities to visit in China, Beijing should definitely top your list as this city have countless tourist destinations, amazing climate and serene surroundings to allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

As you take your and fly to the breathtakingly amazing city of Beijing, you will find yourself available with long list of places to see and visit each of which will intrigue you to the fullest. One of the must visit place in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven. Your visit to Beijing will be totally incomplete if you miss visiting this amazing place.

Temple of Heaven is located in the Tiantan Park which is easily accessible from all parts of the city. You can take metro or rickshaws from near your hotel to get to this amazing place. The place is normally crowded with tourists and if you want to avoid rush then visit early morning or late evenings. You will be required to buy the tickets from the gate from where you will be entering. Keep the ticket safe with you as you will be asked to show your ticket at point of exit from the park. If you lose your ticket then you might be asked to pay ticket money again.

Temple of Heaven is the largest of all temples in China. It was built in 1420 and it covers a massive area of 270 acres. The place is revered by Chinese people to date and previously it was a very important place of worship where kings like Ming and Qing emperors used to come to pay homage to the gods of heaven and thank gods for good harvest. Religious ceremonies were a routine in this temple and even today you will find monks and worshippers gathering at the temple to pay their services.

Another view of Temple of Heaven Beijing China

The designs on the walls of the temple display the traditional Chinese decorative style in bright reds and golden. Taking pictures is allowed in the temple and if you have a good eye for photography than you will love this place even more as you can capture small and terrific details which are exhibits of perfect art works at this temple. The gardens surrounding the temple are wide areas with wonderful grass lands and fountains. The flower beds are mainly of red roses which are arranged artistically and they look mesmerizing. A walk through the gardens around the temple will be a very relaxing activity too.

Take a detailed tour of the temple and visit all of its corridors and alleys. You will love this place and its historical detail. You may also hire a guide or story teller who will acquaint you about all the thorough details related to this place. To visit this wonderful temple on your splendid vacation, book your now and fly to this gorgeous city. You will love the time that you will spend in Beijing and will never be bored as you will have so much on your hand to do and see.

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