Romantic Honeymoon in the Indian Hill Stations

If you just got married then you must be thinking to kick off your new relationship with a romantic and peaceful honeymoon vacation in some unique destination. And that can be many, the Maldives provides the solitude and peace for the souls of the two of you to know each other better by spending some quality time together, while the cities like Cape Town and Bangkok provides enough activities for both of you to do together and form a healthy relationship from the start. But the champion of all the romantic honey moon locations is the culturally vibrant and naturally beautiful country of India.

What makes it a champion? Well because it has everything you can ask for and everything that will make your honey moon special. The country is huge and so are the opportunities for your vacation, you can choose any where between the white sandy beaches of Goa to the south and the Mystic peaks and stunning landscapes of Ladakh to the north. But if you ask us the winner of all the honeymoon destinations are the hill stations of India. The weather, the surroundings, the locals and the food, everything about these places is great and will chant a spell on both of you that will stay in your memories for a long time.

You can choose any of the hill stations of India from the Bengal State in the East to the Ladakh area to the west. We have a listed a few of most famous Indian Hill stations.

Gangtok, Sikkim

If you want a real escape from the world around you and want to know each other better in solitude and some picture perfect surroundings then Gangtok is the place to go. It’s the capital of the Indian state of Sikkim and has arguably the best weather in all of India. If you couple it with the lush greenery and the high peaks of Himalaya, you get a great place for honey moon couples. The closest airport to Sikkim is located 16 miles north at BagDogra, but if you are travelling from outside of India then you should take direct flights to Kolkata and then take a connecting flight to BagDogra.


Located just 180 miles from the New Delhi, Dehradun is the capital of Indian state of UttarKhand and the second most famous hill station in India just behind Shimla. Dehradun is situated in the Doon Valley between the main Indian rivers of Ganges and Yamuna. The area provides some beautiful scenic views and some magnificent historical sights. Thou the city have a small airport but a better idea will be to take a cheap flight to New Delhi and travel to Dehradun through train that will be a great experience for both of you.


Shimla is “The Hill Station” of India and the one that gets the most tourist traffic. The city is the capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and during the British era it was designated as the summer capital of India because of its mild temperature. The Victorian era architecture is still visible in the city especially around the mall area. You will find quite a few luxurious hotels in Shimla that provide a high quality service and also arrange sightseeing tours of city and the surrounding area. For getting to Shimla either you can a train from New Delhi or take a cheap flight to Chandigarh Airport.

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