Scams in Asia that You Need to be aware of While Traveling

If you have ever travelled to Asia then there is a fair bit of chance that you were scammed along the way somewhere and you don’t even know about it. The scammers around the continent are masters of their art, and pretty genius too as they keep on changing their techniques for not getting caught.

 Ranging from a 10 USD lottery ticket scam to you loosing all of your belongings, the scams in Asia are unlimited but just by being a little cautious you can save your hard earned money. We have listed a few of the major techniques that the Asian scammers apply.

1. Airport Cab Scam:

The drivers at the airport may try to trick you by asking you to pay by the meter of their cab, and then instead of taking you directly to your destination they may wander around the city for increasing the fare. Although it may amount to only 10 to 20 dollars but you’ll also be wasting quite a lot of your precious time. To avoid this scam try to book only the licensed cabs from the airport and insist on a fixed fare instead of by the meter.

2. Artifacts or Gem deals:

Many cab drivers of the Asian cities that deal with the foreigners are also in touch with some fraudulent gem stone or artifacts dealers, so they will try to convince you of paying a visit to their shops. Upon entry you may be offered such a mouth watering deal by the seller that you’ll find it hard to resist. But there is a good chance that these gem stones are fake and worthless. So if you are interested in buying such things then head to some legitimate traders in the main markets.

3. Fake Police:

While strolling around in an Asian city you may be stopped by a couple of policemen asking you to show your documents, and will tell you that there is something wrong with your documents. The corruption is rampant in the police departments of many Asian countries, so there is a fair chance that these may be legit policemen, they will ask you to come to the police station with them or pay some fine at the spot. You may pay a small amount to avoid the hassle but the best way is to ask them to take you to the police station at which if they are fake police they will excuse the missing documents.

4. This is closed:

When you ask your driver to take you to a specific bar or hotel, they may tell you that hotel is closed, but there is another one that is even better than the one you choose. The reason is the commission the other hotel pays them for each customer they bring. To avoid this just insist on seeing the hotel or bar yourself.

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