Scuba Diving for Beginners, Ko Tao Island in Thailand

There is nothing as fascinating as scuba diving in some clear waters and observing its exotic marine life up close, but the problem is it takes a lot of training and a PADI diving certificate because you’ll be tens and sometimes even hundreds of meters under the ocean, and ocean can be dangerous. So most of us never get a chance to see what the ocean really look like from within, but there is one place where you can turn your dream into reality.

It’s the beautiful little island of Thailand the Ko Tao. The coastal water of Ko Tao is shallow enough for the beginners to train without getting into some real danger and the authorities here are the most lenient while awarding the PADI diving certificate, plus getting a certificate in Ko Tao is the cheapest in the world.

That’s not the only attraction of this pistachio colored marvelous island thou, with its sandy palm fringed beaches, clear water and some pretty luxurious and comparably cheap hotels, Ko Tao is fast becoming a favorite destination for the tourists worldwide, some has even proclaimed it the next Phuket. As for getting to the island is concerned, you can take direct flights to Ko Samui and take a ferry or a boat to the island. The journey from the Ko Samui to Ko Tao is an attraction in itself as you will pass through along some gorgeous tropical islands and witness some exotic marine life if you hire a boat with transparent bottom.

The greatest attraction of the island is its laid back lifestyle, the island is getting hip with each new holiday season with more and more tourists arriving on its beaches but it has not let this spoil the natural calmness of the place. There will be a lot of frenzy in the tourist’s ghettos of the island but if you want you can always find a peaceful place for yourself on its pristine beach. If you are adventurous but not interested in scuba diving then you can always hire a bike and head to its rugged interior for an awesome mountain biking experience.

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