Seven Amazing Places to Visit in New York

New York is vibrant, opulent, and an aesthetic city of United States. It has various places of attraction, suiting the needs of one and all. There are excellent places, sightseeing, thus making amazing tourist spot. 7 best places to visit in New York are:

The Statue of Liberty

When America was celebrating its 100th birth anniversary after independence, the Statue was gifted by the French Government as a sign of friendship between France and US. It is 151 ft. high and the pedestals make it 305 ft. high. There is a staircase that has 354 steps leading up to the crown, from which the entire view of New York can be enjoyed. The Statue of Liberty is a grand neoclassical sculpture of New York.

The Empire State Building

One of the well-known skyscrapers of the world and one of the best tourist spots of New York, the Empire State building is a defining structure of the city. It was opened in 1931, May 1st. There is an observatory situated on the 86th floor, i.e. 1050 ft. above the streets, which offers a scintillating view from pavilions enclosed with glass. It also consists of 3 coffee shops, 2 restaurants, a drug store, two banks, a post office and the well-known New York Sky ride virtual movie theater.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the leading art museums of the world, it has over 2 million art works categorized into curatorial departments. Some famous displays are Egyptian Art collection, Arts of Oceania and Africa, etc. ‘MET’ is another name for this stunning gallery.

Times Square New York

Times Square

It is more of a district and not a square. Its original name was Long acre Square. In 1904, the New York Times Company moved in it, thus naming it the Times Square. Experiencing the sounds and sights of Times Square is a tour in itself. Anyone who is fascinated about history of different cities would be amazed to view the famous buildings present there. Different events and parades are common in this district.

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Brooklyn Bridge

The most ancient suspended steel bridge of US is the Brooklyn Bridge. It was opened in 1883 and it took 14 years to create this 6016 feet long bridge. It hangs over East river, connects Manhattan and the districts of Brooklyn. In the evenings, the bridge offers wonderful view. Tourists love to walk through the bridge at breezy nights.

The Rockefeller Center

An iconic building of New York, the Rockefeller Center was constructed during The Great Depression and provided employment opportunities to many struggling individuals. The Center has 19 commercial buildings. The Rockefeller Centre is an attractive Art Deco building that offers a mesmerizing view. The center also consists one of the biggest Christmas tree in the world and the well-known NBC TV store and studio. The building is adorned with sculptures, painting and attractive gardens.

Central Park NYC

Central Park

Ideal for nature or history lovers, the Central Park is an 843 acre area. A free tour is provided by Central Park Conservancy which includes ” A Road Once Travelled”, “Amble Through the Ramble”, “View from the Past” and many more exciting sites. Apart from the aforementioned places, New York has a lot more to offer. However, in order to enter US and then New York under visa waiver program, one needs to have an approved ESTA Travel authorization. ESTA means Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which pre-screens travelers before boarding a ship or an airplane for US. This online application system has been created by the US government.

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