Singapore – A package full of surprises

Singapore is a microcosm of Asia, occupied by Chinese, Malays, Indians, and a great cluster of personnel and expatriates from all transversely the sphere. Singapore has a partially deserved standing for germ-free inevitability that has earned it images like William Gibson’s “Disneyland with the death penalty” or the “world’s only shopping mall with a chair in the United Nations”.

Nonetheless, the “Switzerland of Asia” is for many a welcome interval from the poverty, chaos, and offense of much of the Asian mainland, and if you scratch below the high-pitched clean surface and get away from the traveler trail you’ll soon find more than meets the eye.

Singapore has some extravagant picturesque locations and also a true Asian food culture that makes it far more than just a shopping hub for Western travelers. The internal transport system, is satisfactory however for cheap flights to Singapore, one should always book well in advance as seat availability can be an issue during peak season. Also, Singapore is a connecting destination for flights to Australia and New Zealand. Hence, this makes it a far busier destination for air travelers from any part of the world in getting cheap air fares to Singapore.

Singapore carries a reputation for being a package full of surprises. Your travel around to Singapore will never be absolute unless you visit our places of interest. We have in sequence on places of interest like Singapore Zoo, bird park, Sentosa & other famous attractions & landmarks to make your trip unforgettable.

Jurong Bird Park

Southeast Asia’s biggest bird park, Jurong Bird Park is residence to over 8,000 birds of 600 geneses from all over the world. Tourist attractions embrace the world’s main collection of Southeast Asian Hornbills and South American Toucans, and the world’s second principal penguin exhibit. Daily shows include Breakfast with the Birds, Birds of Prey, Penguin Feeding Time and the Jurong Bird Park All Stars Bird show.

Night Safari

The shady holds many surprises and more so at the Night Safari, where you can look a one-horned rhinoceros in the eye or have the sense of hearing the howls of a pack of with stripes hyenas. There are 1,200 animals of over 100 foreign species to watch out for. Strike out on your own along the under your own steam trail or relax in a tram ride. Whichever you decide, the Night Safari is a wild escapade not to be missed.

Zoological Gardens

In its verdant tropical forest surroundings, Singapore’s well-known ‘open’ zoo is a sanctuary for both animals and guests. More than 2,000 creatures are housed in landscaped enclosures, with rock walls and streams replacing cages. Special attractions consist of Children’s World, where kids can interrelate with animals and enjoy outstanding playgrounds, the six island Primate Kingdom, the sea lion and penguin gallery, the air-conditioned polar bear exhibit and a diminutive railway. Feeding shows take place all the way through the day. Favorites’ include the primates, reptiles, elephants and sea lions. In the middle of the zoos a lot of rare species is the world’s biggest colony of orangutans, with whom you can enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea if you book in advance through your hotel. Allow a whole day to enjoy the zoo’s attractions.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Take pleasure in surveillance exotic species of butterflies in this butterfly aviary. Guests can also spot the well-camouflaged butterflies in the Insect Safari Tunnel. Explore over 2,500 species of insects categorized by their geological locations. You can get to see rare species including fist-sized horned beetles and metallic blue butterflies. Each and every species has a comprehensive explanation of its origin. This is a great education tour for children and families.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Regarded as one of the premium neo-classical buildings in Singapore, Empress Place dates back to 1854, when it served as a court house. Today the building houses a world-class museum and exhibition centre, featuring cultural and archaeological treasures from China and other ancient civilization, many of them being shown outside their country of origin for the first time.

National Museum of Singapore

The Singapore History Museum, originally opened in 1887, is an architectural gem with each of its two levels reflecting a different order of Greek classical architecture. Of meticulous note are the three-dimensional reconstructions of historical scenes and proceedings tracing Singapore’s growth from a drowsy fishing village to the present day metropolis. Another exhibit shows the world of a rich Straits Chinese family at the turn of the century, complete with elaborate Peranakan furniture and finery. The Children’s Discovery Gallery is another compelling magnetism, with interactive exhibits calculated to explain Singapore’s cultural heritage, illustration and per forming arts. In addition to the Singapore History Museum, Singapore offers a number of museums with specific themes.

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