Splendid Culture, Hike and Mountain Bike awaits you at Cebu

Tumalog Falls Cebu Philippines

Cebu offers you a perfect holiday location with rich scenic beauty, beaches, night life and shopping. As you take your along with your loved ones, you can be sure that a great holiday is awaiting you. Tumalog Falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world. They are famously known as a ‘gem’ in south of Cebu. The area is richly green and vegetated, and the topography is filled with dark grey rock.

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The place is modified as a natural hike terrain. The slope is steep and will give you some real strenuous exercise.

As you climb through the paths in the falls, you will be greeted with surprising water showers which will add further thrill to the adventure of your hike. Cebu falls are an ideal place for a family picnic. You can take your basket along and choose some picturesque place in the vicinity to dine. There are many restaurants located nearby which offer amazing food but specialize in the local cuisine. You can have lunch in these eateries too and enjoy hot coffee or tea afterwards.

Taoist Temple Cebu Philippines

Taoist Temple is another famous tourist destination in Cebu. Taoist Temple can be safely called a cultural hub of the area as it reflects the culture of the locals who is majorly Chinese and Filipinos. Taoist Temple welcomes you with its gigantic dragon which is visible from far distances. Bright colors and unique style of this location truly make it stand out. The place is a show of very fine architecture with beautiful temples, statues and paintings. The scenery of the location is amazing, and you can enjoy cultural dances and singings at the temple too.

The Ruins of Talisay Philippines

Your next stop can be Ruins of Talisay. This historical site will allow you to relive the history of Cebu. During the day it is crowded by tourists and if you want a close and peaceful view then you should prefer late afternoons for going there. The ruins are majestic with its tall buildings and tell tale path ways. If you have time, stay there to see the sunset as it is a beautiful sight. Nearby the Talisay ruins are the museum shops from where you can buy artifacts and art works made by local artists. There are many restaurants from where you can eat great quality food.

Bugoy Biker Cebu Philippines

After all these sightseeing, you can avail the last minute holiday deals offered by Bugoy Bikers. This is a mountain biking facility which arranges interesting and customized tours for tourists. You can take their bikes and go riding them to see beautiful hill tops and places around. If you want to take extended tours, you can have Bugoy Bikers plan them for you.

The tours can last for three days at maximum, and they cover all interesting places that you can go see using the mountain bikes. Extended tours include camping facilities too. With all these fascinating activities, Cebu offers you a great and memorable holiday. Reserve your now to fly to this amazing city and enjoy a very happy holiday.

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