The Appealing Amankila Hotel, Bali

Amankila Hotel Bali

Catch a  the astounding city of Indonesia and experience the trendy difference and exultation of life style whilst being surrounded by impeccable environ and the traditional atmosphere the beguiling city of Bali is known for, in its ostentatious hotel, the Amankila.

The hotel is skillfully designed sparkling with the western uniqueness of structural architecture stirred with the mesmerizing traditional Balinese tap to be found in its enthralling exteriors which exhibits elegant devise and stimulating themes. Stepping into the flashy interiors of the hotel you would be amazed by the fascinating internal exhibiting traditional Balinese arty tap on the exotic furniture and décor of the lobbies, lounges and check inn areas of the hotel.

The leisure travelers have yet to uncover the exciting and enchanting activities the ravishing hotel features which includes long and heated outdoor swimming pool where you can dive, swim and have a rejoicing time in the water where you can spin around with your family, loved ones and kids. Excite yourself in the amazing scuba diving and thrilling windsurfing activities on the beach which would surely provide you with the moments that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

The hotel apart from being a superlative lodge brings an excitement and joy packed venture for its leisure travelers and guests as they would be doing something new every day till their stay on the regal resort. The hotel brings thrilling water sports which includes water boating, water bikes where you can spend a quality time of your day under the sunshine rejoicing on the bike as you do not need to worry for there are professionals at the beach end which would give you a quick guide on how to safely enjoy your ride if you are a beginner.

Drop in to the long heated outdoor pools of the hotel as you can have a swim and spin in the water at different depths with your family and loved ones, or if you are more of a thrill person, go for the extreme wind surfing experience at the beach end to bliss from it. The hotel organizes special hiking and tourism trips to the nearest attractions where you would get a chance to view the beauty of nature and mesmerizing tropics on your way up and down the hill. The resort consist of its own theatre and museum where you can find ancient and unique Balinese art work and antiques that would surely excite and amaze you.

The hotel apart from providing extreme entertaining activities encircles long operational tennis courts for you to drop down for match with your friends, or if you are a player at this game might as well have a match with one of our professionals to test your perfection in this sport. The hotel has a fine assortment of glitzy suites and guestrooms for your comfort and delights providing striking services, fascinating facilities and unparalleled amenities for your expediency and alleviate.

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