The Baffling Beauty at Maldives

The magical tourist destination has for decades now been hogging limelight and provides the perfect impetus to various well heeled travelers, corporate executive and other business magnates from all around the globe. For all those holiday enthusiasts who have long been yearning for a break, Maldives is the perfect exultation featuring more than nineteen hundred tiny islands which include over eight islands which have been completely transformed into luxury resorts boasting superfluous amenities, cutting edge amenities and other quality lifestyle antics.

So whether its family, friends or your girlfriend with whom you seek to unwind, Maldives is the ultimate tourist hotspot of your dreams. Here we have a list of some of the finest activities and attractions at Maldives so get your now.

Head to Mali

Marked with tantalizing hues of the sea, secluded pathways exuding intimacy, boisterous landmarks which include historical monuments, mosques and museums, at Mali you have an array of enticing things to look forward to. Here at the capital island of Mali you have a variety of things to do all thoroughly indulging and alluring which would buoy your spirit.

Huskuru Miskiiy Male Maldives

The Grand National Museum encircled in the Sultan’s Park is a place to head if you are driven by history and culture. The museum allows you to indulge in some thought provoking exhibits, artifacts and sculptures which are a feast for everyone visiting. Huskuru Miskii more popularly known as the gold mosque reflect the wonderful architectural grandeur of the bygone eras.

Head to the Seenu Atoll

By far one of the most visited attraction in Maldives featuring an eclectic fusion of mankind’s achievement along with the mesmerizing scenic extravaganza which is flaunts. There are more than twenty astounding islands allowing you with the perfect opportunity to island hop.

Seenu Atoll Maldives

For the water sport enthusiasts here’s your ultimate launching pad as there are more than twenty five diving locations and if you have always been intrigued with Indian Oceans rich marine life then here’s your chance to discover it in a truly unrivalled manner. From eagle rays, lobsters, turtles and many more, head to the Seenu Atoll and indulge in the exoticness so book your best deal flights to Male now.

Naifaru Maldives

Alluring Naifaru, Maldives

Fantasizing shades of blue which lap the shores of this romantic island are a pure feast for the mind and body. If you’re heading to Maldives too woo your lover, are a newly married duo or thinking of proposing her, the Naifaru, Maldives would provide you with the perfect scenic backdrop which is a pure delight for everyone. For those seeking some spirituality here you would notice a wonderful fusion of Islam, Bhuddism and Christianity so get your bargain air deals now.

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