The Best Brunch Restaurants of Seoul

The lashings of maple syrup, eggs, waffles and pancakes- there are plenty of amazing Brunch places in Korea that captures the attention of plenty of all those people who take cheap flights to Korea. It’s all about the food and not about the décor- these places ensure the availability of top quality food that is enough to tantalize the taste buds of all kind of travelers. Seoul’s café culture is known worldwide, and there is no dearth of eateries and restaurants that are very much popular because of the delicious and mouthwatering food- one of the greatest temptations that allure travelers and catch their eyes to take . Some of the most notable and must-visiting brunch places of the city are described as below;

Grand Hyatt Seoul Paris Grille

Grand Hyatt Seoul- Paris Grille

The brunch at the Paris Grille is always on the top of the list and is one exceptional experience that you will definitely remember for lifetime. Pasta dishes, eggs, waffles and pancakes are the major highlights and are made to order. The freshly-squeezed juices are another temptation, and there are plenty of choices, the travelers can opt for grapefruit, tomato and orange juice and there are many other options as well. The timings are between 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on holidays and weekends, but it is strongly recommended that you should go for a reservation.

Apgujeong Seoul


Another tempting and appealing option is Harris that is the latest addition to Apgujeong. It’s a modern, sleek settlement that has given a new trend to “brunch café” industry. The menu is quite standard and there is a large variety if breakfast items that will tempt each kind of traveler- potatoes, sausages, bacon, pancakes, waffles and eggs are some of the amazing options. The ring of pineapple and a slice of fried banana are easily affordable, but there are many other food items that are served with a twist.

Suji Seoul South Korea


Don’t miss the opportunity to miss the brunch at Suji’s- another dazzling and alluring eatery of the region that is frequented by multitudes of people. It is very popular for being the self-proclaimed epitome of a “New York-style brunch restaurant” and here you will find a handful of foreigners and a line of well-dressed Korean couples. There are many solid brunch options that satisfy the needs of all the coming visitors. Home fries, sausages, scrambled eggs, blueberry compote and the slices of French toast are the major highlights. The Eggs Benedict is another fine choice for many people who come here.

Tango du Chat Seoul

Tango du Chat

If there could be one restaurant in Korea for which we can actually use the term “class”, it is definitely Tango du Chat which features an appealing décor and also serves a tasty and delicious food variety that compels the coming visitors to come here time and again. The Omelet Brunch  is the special one and is appreciated by many. Apart from this, there are many other tempting highlights that will inspire all the coming travelers.

Itaewon Breakfast Seoul South Korea

The Flying Pan

This is another mind blowing option that will definitely amuse you. The specialty is the “Itaewon breakfast” that catches the eye of a large variety of people. The menu is well occupied with plenty of standout dishes such as the Avacado Salad and Chicken with toast. Potatoes, spinach and tomato wedge that is served in sour cream and the Eggs Benedict. Besides, the tourists can also hit the marvelous site of Pancakes Original Story. All those people who reside in England can also enjoy the flavor of the sumptuous Soul brunches, by taking cheap UK airlines. So make a plan and enjoy your holidays in Seoul.

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