The Best Loved Islands and Beaches of Philippines

Just get ready to bust out your flip-flops and have an amazing and adventurous time in Philippines that is the haven of a large variety of islands and powdery beaches. It is the perfect destination for all those people who are in search of white sands. It’s very hard to pick the most darling and the favorite one beach in this country- although not impossible but quite challenging. Surrounded with white sand buffering turquoise waters, the place features more than 7,000 islands and each one of them is the genuine epitome of ultimate beauty and magic. Although the list is very long but some of the most notable and jaw dropping ones that capture the attention of all those people who take are described as below;

Siargao Islands Philippines

Siargao Islands

Very famous for being the top surfing island of the country, it has always inspired a large variety of travelers both locals as well as the foreigners. It’s a beachcomber’s paradise that is bathed in mind blowing and breath-taking beauty and there is no dearth of picturesque landscape. The waves can rise as high as 3 meters and it offers surfing to all kind of adventurers- the beginners, the moderate ones and also the pro. If you are not fond of surfing and other water activities, then you can also spend a very relaxing and tranquil time at the various serene beaches of this island.

Great Santa Cruz Island Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island

The white sand blends with the pulverized red coral washed up from the sea floor and then a pink-hued beach is formed that will surely leave you in awe. It is surely one of the most amazing and mind blowing destinations of this world which is the haven of ultimate beauty and bewitchment. The blue and green shades of the sea compete with the powdery beach. The place is also very famous for featuring plenty of signs and marks of civilizations like restrooms, nipa huts and the souvenirs. Here, you can also find a deep drop in the sea that is also amazing and astonishing but don’t mistake serenity for you safety. Besides, there are many other captivating and appealing highlights of this island that offer fun and excitement to all the coming guests.

Aerial view of Samal Island Philippines


This dazzling destination is actually a 118-kilometer coastline of white sandy beaches that attract a large variety of locals as well as the foreigners. The coconut palms, mangroves, rock formations, lush greens and the pristine waters are the major highlights of this beautiful area. It is also speckles with a large variety of resorts that are well equipped with plush accommodations and a wide variety if luxurious amenities and contemporary facilities.

A diver at Caramoan Island Philippines


Caramoan is as scenic as it is tranquil and secluded, away from the noise and the hustle bustle of this world. The place is named after a turtle that is the native of this land and this region is very popular for featuring the stretches of white sand. There are various rock formations and huge boulders that can easily be seen in this area. The beach bums, island hoppers and scuba divers all converge here to have the most memorable and entertaining time of the life. Besides, there is a lot more that is mesmerizing and plenty of activities are also offered to hundreds of all those travelers who capture . So this time don’t miss the opportunity to travel towards the beautiful beaches and islands of Philippines.

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