The Best Museums of Shanghai

Commonly known as the hub of snacking and spending, the vortex of shopping and a shallow city- Shanghai is one of the best-loved and darling destination of this world that catches the eye of all those people who take cheap flights to China. Apart from its variety of attractions and allurements, there is a lot more, the city is famous for- it is genuinely the cultural heart of the country that offers you rewarding traditional explorations in the form of a vast array of magical and magnetic museums that capture the attention of multitudes of all those tourists who capture . Although the list is very long but some of the most famous and notable ones are described as below;

Shanghai Museum Nightview

Shanghai Museum 

It is best known as the city’s most official temple to Chinese culture- the history dates back to 1990. It is well settled on Peoples Square and keeps a large variety of treasure that leaves plenty of people in awe and offers them the most memorable and amazing experience of their life. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) tomb guardians that include the goat, horse, tiger, dragon and the ceramics collection are the major highlights of this region that tempt a large variety of visitors. There are plenty of galleries that show case paintings, calligraphy, jade sculptures and ancient bronzes. The best part is that, admission is totally free so anyone can easily hit the site of this marvelous museum.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Exterior view

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

It is best-loved by children and is located in Pudong. The place is very popular for stuffed tigers pouncing on prey, IMAX films and nifty robots. It’s a four-story complex that also features jungle gyms and a faux rain forest. There is a robot that can solve Rubik’s cube in seconds, and it inspires plenty of beloved guests. There is another robot that challenges the people to an archery contest.

Inside view of Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

It is one best-loved and darling destination for all those people who are in love with the underground culture and the amazing history of china. It is well settled in an apartment block and is actually a very tiny museum that provides the glimpse of kitschy Cultural Revolution aesthetic. The ruddy-faced peasants can be seen on the posters, and you can also see the chubby children and joyful soldiers on various images. There are some beautiful and mind blowing posters inside the museum whose history dates back to the Korean War. These exhibits provide you plenty of information about the past and the inspirational tradition of the country. The travelers also love the wide array of Cultural Revolution music records, maps, posters and souvenirs.

Shanghai Municipal History Museum Inside view

Shanghai Municipal History Museum 

This place serves to be the maze of Old Shanghai scenes, and there are plenty of wax dummies that are felt as if they are alive. The place is bit creepy and out dated, but it is very much evocative and informative. It is located in the basement of the Oriental Pearl Tower- the iconic tower and the landmark of the city that serves to be the most magnificent and stunning sky scrapper of the region. The visitors can also head towards the upper part of the building that offers the panoramic and jaw dropping views of the complete city.

Shanghai Museum of Glass Entrance

Shanghai Museum of Glass

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is one captivating and magical attraction of China that is genuinely the architectural marvel, and it grabs the attention of a large variety of people. The museum covers the land area of more than 6,250-square-meters and acts as the maze of translucent floors, flashy LED screens and glittering windows.

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