The Captivating and Charming Cebu

Featuring 167 small islands and Cebu Island, the Cebu Province is the sparkling gem of Philippines that also serves as one of the best-loved tourist’s destination. It is one of the most jaw-dropping islands of the world that features the stretch of almost 225 kilometers and draws the attention of plenty of all those people who grab . The tourists would also love to head towards some of the most captivating and mind blowing islands of the neighboring region- the most famous ones are the Camotes Islands, Olango, Malapascua, Bantayan and the magical Mactan Island.

Cebu is known world-wide for its coastal plains, limestone plateaus and various narrow coastlines. The place is also very popular for the rugged mountain ranges and also the rolling hills. Although the place is well equipped with a large variety of attractions but some of the darling and must-see ones are discussed as below;

Basilica of the Holy Child Cebu Exterior view

The Basilica of the Holy Child

A minor basilica in Cebu whose history dates back to 16th century is one of the most notable and amazing attraction of the region that tempts hundreds of all those travelers who get . Very famous for being the oldest Roman Catholic church of Philippines, it has always inspired multitudes of people. The present building was established in 1739-1740 and now serves to be the sacred pilgrim center for plenty of locals. The complex also houses a museum that features plenty of astonishing items of your interest.

Taoist Temple - Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu Taoist Temple

Then Cebu Taoist Temple is another allurement of the city that inspires a large variety of coming guests and its history goes back to 1972. This beautiful site is well settled in Beverly Hills and was established by Cebu’s substantial Chinese community. This temple features the elevation of more than 300 meters. The temple is multi-hued, multi-tiered and a towering attraction that can easily be accessed by 3 different winding routes.

The best feature is that it is open for non-worshipers and the worshipers alike. People perform plenty of rituals here- these include dropping two blocks of wood, going inside the chapel barefoot and washing the hands. This temple is the heart of worship for Taoism and the entrance of this charming temple is very much similar to that of Great Wall of China.

Museo Sugbo Cebu Exterior view

Museo Sugbo

The provincial museum that is located in the Cebu and it draws the attention of a large variety of locals as well as the foreigners. The 4 galleries of the museum were opened for public in 2008- later on with the addition of more galleries, the number finally increased to 10. It is also frequented by hundreds of tourists.

Mactan Island Cebu Philippines

Mactan Island

Just a few km away from Cebu, the Mactan island is one of the most dazzling and mind blowing attraction of this world that features a picturesque landscape and leaves plenty of people in awe. It’s a coral island that is known for world’s best cultural activities, sailing , jet skiing, island hoppin, snorkeling and diving.

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